Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Manners....Part 2

I address this to Miss Laura who left a comment on my previous post. How nice to meet you! I have a couple of rules that I try to follow when teaching my children how to have manners.

1. My own personal rule of thumb as to when to use Mr. or Miss (which also goes for Mrs.). If the person is old enough to be your mom or dad, then use the proper titles. Exceptions to this rule are bosses and most probably the President. People who are working in any public place and are serving you in any way ...i.e. waiter/ personnel...well, you get the picture.I just personally feel like they deserve respect for being out there working! I, myself, have a hard time figuring it out sometimes because I'm 34 and I don't want to offend someone by not using the right approach. I more often than not end up using the proper titles just to be safe.

2. When calling my children, they must respond with "Ma'am" or "Sir" because that sounds so much better than WHAT? or YEAH? ~shudder~ They tend not to shout when using the sir and ma'am.

3. If asked a yes or no question, then they do respond with a "yes/no ma'am" . Sure, there are times when I let it slip by....but NEVER EVAH in public. If they forget then I remind them and they will use it with me or whatever adult is speaking to them.

4. Saying Thank You is a must. Even when my girls are spitting mad at each other, they have to say Thank You if the other hands them something or does something. Nothing sweeter than hearing it through gritted teeth. My husband brings me something to drink while he's up...I say Thank You. Wonderful little phrase to keep handy.

These are just some I try to follow. If anyone has anymore, please feel free to add on. OH..don't forget phone etiquette. You call my home and Paige'll want to hire her for a front desk job. Kid has FINALLY gotten her groove on with the phone and how to act.

You have to be prepared to practice what you teach. I even respond with a Yes Ma'am to the girls when asked a question. I want them to know I respect them and if it's good enough for me, then it shouldn't be a problem for them. My husband loves to hear good manners and now cringes when he hears kids saying...yeah...or what??? I even have the kids trained that when they run into someone and that person asks "Hello! How are you?", they respond with "Fine, thank you for asking, and how are you?"

So, that's my anal post for the day. Miss Laura, I appreciate you stopping by and hope to see you again! And thanks to Angela and Starbldr for the encouragement. Some days I want to pinch their heads off when they refuse to cooperate! I shall not give up!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your help I'm glad to be part of a 'mannered region again'. Do you ever have to remind the kids friends also? When in public, how do you remind them? I'd love to hear of some real examples. How old is your eldest who you stated refused to say it sometimes? How did you handle it? I'm so new I appreciate your help. By the way, my mail is Thank you again "ma'am"