Thursday, October 20, 2005


Snippets from my week:

  • Took the two youngest for their well-child checkups Tuesday. It went okay until the doctor came in. Vitt was a froot loop because he hadn't had a nap and he was being allowed to run around in nothing but a diaper. Oh, the freedom. The doctor literally had to chase him down to exam him. We had to shout our conversation to each other because together, Mak and Vitt are a force to reckon with. He pronounced them fit and healthy and off we went. Got to the van and remembered at least 2 questions I forgot to ask him. Well, if I can't google it, then I guess I'll never know.

  • After leaving the doctor's office, we headed to the grocery store. Sweet Joseph, there was this car thing attached to the buggy for my kids' riding pleasure. Vitt headed straight for it and climbed in. Sweet. I just knew I could get some shopping done with him riding shotgun in the front with Mak. Yeah, right. By aisle 3, that boy was hanging out of the side windows and windshield hole like he was a Duke boy or something. All he needed to know then was how to yell "Yeeeeeeee Hawwwww".

  • Speaking of my sure-footed mountain goat...a.k.a. Vitt....He's into dancing now. The jury is still out as to whether or not he's got a groove thang going on. His dancing partner this morning...A simple plastic hanger. Innocent enough? Hanger is propped against his Poppies Stool (small stool handmade by his Poppies) and as he gallops by, he trips, hits the stool, the hanger pops up and catches him under the eye. This kid is going to keep a perpetual black eye I fear.

  • My mother is over visiting for a few tonight and is having a conversation with Paige. The gist of the conversation is about our recent problem with mosquitoes. They are almost plague-like in their intensity and we are begging for a frost to give us some relief. (which won't happen til near the end of November if we're lucky) Paige is making the comment to Nana that she can't walk from the road ...down our the house without being carried off. Now Makenna is watching t.v. and decides she's going to jump into the conversation and only hearing half of it says: "Sissy, what's going to carry you off?"...Paige, in her infinite supply of sarcasm says "The kid eating trolls that hide in the bushes on the edge of the yard". Good one, Paige. Now that kid will NEVER go back outside again. Jeesh.

  • I, again, win the Worse Mother Award tonight. Mak, nor Vitt, seemed to want to go to bed. They would giggle and holler and try to tear the bedroom up. I am doing laundry and Mak comes and tells me that "Vitt is butt-naked". I admit that I didn't believe her. I go in the bedroom and sure enough..the kid is. Butt. Naked. I redress him and tell them both good night. Giggle. Sounds of things falling. A few minutes later I walk to the bedroom door and Makenna is sitting up in bed doing her thing and Vitt is standing up in the crib doing his thing..whatever that was. I all of a sudden in a loud booming voice say "You better lay down and go to sleep! NOW!" Makenna immediately rolls over and I would bet she instantly fell asleep. I traumatized Vitt so badly he just started crying, but 5 minutes later I checked again and he was also asleep.

Things are never boring around here. And before this goes any further, I DARE anyone to teach that boy how to say "Yeee Haww". I will hunt you down and inflict serious damage if you do.

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Crazy Me said...

LOL!! I remember telling awful stories to my younger brothers that would send them in hysterics to my mother who was so NOT amused. It was the worst with the one behind me because we are so close in age. The other two are years younger so they didn't get it too bad but it was still fun to tweak them every once in a while. Gotta love siblings. It's a never ending war!