Thursday, October 06, 2005

I should have expected this

Now get this. I haven't seen my hubby in 3 weeks. And the way it looks, I won't get to see him until November sometime. Here comes the good part. He has to have some upper GI scope thing done next Friday. He needs someone to go with him as he will be ga-ga when it's over with. ****PICK ME!! PICK ME!!! (frantically waves hand in the air)**** I totally volunteer for this mission. Plans are being made. I'm going up next Thursday evening to accompany him Friday morning. I then will care for him for 24 hours and leave Saturday morning to return home and he will go back to work Saturday evening. Not long at all ...and yes, he will be out of it for the majority of the time...but I don't care! I can touch him! Yes sir, my middle name is Excited right now.

So, I am planning for the weekend. The girls will reside with Mother for the 2.5 days and Vitt shall accompany me. Why? Because no one wants to keep his bad..I mean active tail. 'Sides, he needs to bond a few with Da. I am discussing this with my mother this evening while at her house enjoying supper. Suddenly, the girls jump up and inform me that they have no school next Friday!! Humph, I say, surely you jest? No Mama! they reply, we really don't! And you know what? They're serious. Dangit.

Now the even better part. I was hoping to kinda, maybe honeymoon just a tad (not alot, mind you, just a tad) and here are these two girls breaking out into the song...We're going to Virginia! We're going to Virginia! ~sigh~

Now I am planning for 4 of us to go. They are excited and would pack tomorrow. They haven't seen him in a month. They miss him, too. ~sigh~ How can I say no? I can't.

Good thing the hospital there has a daycare for Vitt to attend while Fred is doing his thing. DVD player for Mak to watch? Check. Big, thick, juicy book for Paige to read? Check. Peace and quiet for Mama? Priceless. (which is probably why it won't happen!)


Jacinda said...

Glad to know you'll be seeing Fred for even just a little bit. Sorry you'll have everyone with you which will lead to not much privacy, but I'm sure you'll make the best of the situation!

Hope's Hubby said...

Just so everyone knows, I am totally excited about seeing my wife too, even though I know I will probably not remember much about Friday because of the drugs they will have me on. I also miss the kids, of course. But, I don't know how much help I will be able to give Hope with them (sorry beautiful).

Crazy Me said...

Have a good trip!!