Friday, March 16, 2007

An apology

Dear Vitt,

Remember back around Valentine's Day? When Mama had to get a whole new set of keys because it was determined that you had lost mine?


Mama loves purses. Alot. She doesn't buy alot of them because she's very picky about them. But, when one strikes her fancy, she has no choice but to purchase it because it's the right thing to do. I hope you will understand this one day.

Well, when the keys were lost, both Dad and I searched that purse at least a dozen times. We honestly did.

Yesterday I noticed the checkbook was put in wrong and decided to straighten it out. You see, when Dad puts things back in my purse, he kind of just puts them there and leaves it to me to put it back to my personal specifications.

I...uh....went to straighten the checkbook and noticed something odd. First it was in a side pocket that I truly didn't know existed. And at first I thought the shiny things in the bottom of said pocket were quarters.

I know.

It was my set of lost keys.

Dude, I'm sorry I blamed you. Really I am. I know just because 90% of all missing things in our seem to be involved ....we shouldn't jump to blame you automatically.

It was an honest blame. Forgive us, please.

Mama and Dad

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andria said...

My husband does the same thing, except usuallyhe just leaves things all hanging out or forgets to put things back in to begin with.

I swore I lost my cell phone this weekend and blamed the baby who swipes things off the counter a lot. We even offered the big kid five bucks if he went through all the toy bins and located it. Nope, no doing. We were just about to cancel and start anew when I found it sitting UNDER my purse on the seat of the car. Yeah, never thought to move the purse. I just told my husband that Jacob found it and left it at that. He would have been really mad knowing he had searched high and low while I kept insisting it wasn't in my purse.