Monday, March 12, 2007

It Can Not Be Allowed

I have decided that my children can not play competitive sports. They just can't.

This past Saturday, Makenna had a competition with her AWANAS* group from church. Fred was going to go with her whilst I sat at home with The Boy. I came to the conclusion around Thursday that the whole family needed to go and support not only Makenna, but the church, too. We had to wake up very early Saturday morning as the church holding the games was an hour and a half away. I simply was not thrilled about it. Plus, the fact that I am NOT a morning person had alot to do with it. Even the large coffee from Mickey D's didn't help a whole lot. Let's not even mention the drive there. The non-driving idiots who were in the caravan that got their license from the local dollar store. The whole way there I promised Fred I was going to get a hold of that chick in the boxcar scion thingy. He's a good man. He pretty much ignores me and Paige begs the whole way for me not to humiliate her and get us kicked out of the church.

I did refrain. Barely. But, I did.

It was bedlam there! So many children. Running. Screaming. ~shudder~

Paige was awesome because she took control of her brother and let him play on the playground while Fred and I watched the games. I owe her bigtime for that one. I might even break down and take her for a latte.

The games began. Fred and I had no idea what was going on, but it was easy to figure out after a couple of rounds. No wonder Mak comes home from church exhausted on Sunday nights. Whoever invented hat is off to you! They wear these kids out physically!! I don't know the names of the kids on Mak's team as we haven't been going to this church for long. You get so caught up in the excitement and find yourself screaming, "RUN BABIES RUN!!!!"

And run they did. Every game is played within/around this huge circle. Makenna participated in one game where you have to go all the way around the circle with a bean bag on your head. If it falls you must stop, put it back, and resume running. You are not allowed to hold it there. Teams of three lined up. One child took off around the circle. I saw Makenna waiting, jumping in place. When the kid got back around and gave it to Mak??? Oh, sweet Olympic medal. You should have seen our girl run. She put that beanbag on her head and she FLEW. Literally flew around that circle. Our people were on their feet urging her on. Me? "THAT'S MY BABY! THAT'S MY BABY!" When she got back around, her leader looked at me and was giving an enthusiastic thumbs up. I was amazed. Methinks the girl might have some athletic ability after watching her in the rest of the games. She definitely gets that from Fred.

I was so worn out after the games were done, I made the decree that the children simply could not do sports. I would end up a basket case for sure. Fred laughs, pats me on the shoulder and dreams of coaching winning teams. ~sigh~ And I thought ballet recitals were hard.

Oh, and their team GOT FIRST PLACE. Mak is hooked now. Nothing like a victory or a lucky hole in one to get you hooked on the game.

Lord, help me.


*AWANAS- how it was explained to me was this is like a Christian version of Boy/Girl Scouts. It's really a good deal and Mak is obsessed with it! The lesson parts and the games.


The In-Famous Paige aka ~* Fabulous Diva*~ said...


*sings in a sing-song vicory chant* "GO MUMU! GO MUMU! GO MUMU! AH HUH AH HUH UNH HUH UNH UH!" *add little arm cirley motion thing and sway in front of other sad little kids..mwaahh ha ha!!*

Tracey said...

Oh dear.... Yeah. Competitive sports bring out the best in us, don't they? Glad you had fun after the awful ride, though!