Friday, March 23, 2007

Careful Now

Fred and I were out and about yesterday. Yes! By ourselves! We had some errands to run and I had to go by the super of marts because I had a meeting* at 6 p.m. and volunteered to bring something sweet. After leaving the super of marts, we decided to swing by the Chick Fillet for supper. I needed to eat before the meeting and he was in charge of supper, so Chick it was!

We were leaving C.F. to head back to house. I was preparing my sandwich so I could taste its chicken goodness when he hit the brakes "firmly"** and did a little jerk thing with the steering wheel. I paused a second to say "Whoa, now. Need to quit that jerking stuff." Then what? He had to swerve a little as I went to take a bite. I stopped. Looked at him. And said.....

"I have powers. Don't make me use them."

I then proceeded to eat my meal in peace for he was so afraid. ~snort~ Yeah, right.

* A meeting! Me! I am doing some volunteer work so that my resume will have something recent for when I go back in the work force when Vitt is in 4k. Smart me! Well, my Mama told me it would be a good thing to do.

**This is another post for another time, but suffice to say my husband and brakes in any vehicle he drives? They are close intimate friends by the time he gets where he is going.

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Melanie said...

Good for you and the volunteering! And can you please send me some fillet - I do soooo miss it. Have a great weekend!