Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Times are Changing

Time changed early this year. And there was a lot of grumbling about it. We're all used to this happening in April and October. Society doesn't like change, therefore, there were many unhappy people expressing their dislike over the turn of events.

Not me. I thought I might grumble a tad bit my own self until Vitt slept later. It was heaven. I could get the rest dressed and gone for the day while he slept. I could then get my first cup of coffee and head to the computer to check email and maybe play a game or two. Heck, I could even watch grown-up television. See some Good Morning America like old times. He would sleep until around 8 a.m., which qualified as Christmas in my book.

Then he got adjusted. Dangit. He adjusted and he's potty training. We went through a phase last week where we thought we had a newborn again. He was getting up around 1-2 a.m. and just being pure ornery. Getting in bed with us, giving Fred ten kinds of grief for some reason. Fred had circles under his eyes because Vitt wouldn't let him sleep. For some reason, he left me alone, but a squirming toddler in your bed does not make for quality sleep, people.

I finally figured out that he was waking up because he was having to potty. So, Fred started taking him to potty before bed. And this was working. Fred still gets tickled talking about how he weaves back and forth on the potty because he's still asleep.

This morning he woke up at 5 a.m. Just before Dad has to. And that's okay because he had pee'd in his pull-up and it woke him up. I could have slept through it but when your son calls out, "DAD. I pee my pullup" in a clear concise voice, it wakes you up no matter how hard you sleep.

He's adjusted to the time change and he's potty training.

I'm looking forward to these kids of ours having their own kids one day. I really am.

Oh, one more thing. I fix Makenna's hair every morning. We cannot put the comb or hairspray up until you have combed and put a touch of spray on Vitt's hair. He's not going anywhere, but he likes to be prepared I suppose. Wears me out.

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OneHungMan said...

It could be worse, you could have a child who simply doesn't care he's walking around in a warm, four-pound, wet diaper.