Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring Break 2007

We are in the midst of Spring Break 2007. And I'm not too happy about it. Let me tell you why.

Back home in good ol' South Carolina, this break usually takes place during Easter. Our former school gives everyone Good Friday off and that's mostly because prom takes place that evening and none of the girls getting ready would show up that day anyway. Everyone heads to the beach for the beginning of good times the next week. (ohhh..the memories.....)

What is this? Having the break now? No Good Friday off? No real recognition of Easter? Not liking it one bit.

We headed home for a visit last weekend. The girls had the shortest visitation on record with their dad. Almost 3 and a half hours. Paige was determined not to go and when I made her, girlfriend decided to show me. She showed her entire butt until her dad called me to say they were coming home. Makenna was sick and it was also my niece's birthday, so in the end it worked out.

Except for Paige. Because of her actions, she lost her IPOD and cell phone upon her sitting down in the van. I was embarrassed because we all know our children's actions are a reflection on ourselves. I know. I know. We can't really control them and my mother in law is totally thinking I've forgotten all her teachings when she reads this. But, there was no sense in it. All I could think was this was fuel for the stepmother's twisted fire. Paige was required to write a letter of apology. One to her father and one to her stepmother. Requirements were that she apologize for her behavior. After that, I took a page from the counselor's book and let her do an "I feel..." section. This was her chance to state her issues with what's going on with them. The letter was to be no less than 200 words. Her dad's was over 800 and the step-mom's over 400. My baby can so write when motivated.

Paige then proceeded to get sick. Allergies and maybe a touch of a virus just put her down for the count. She received her cell phone back upon the mailing of the letters, but the IPOD was gone until Wednesday. Oh, the horror! Fred decided she needed to ride four hours back home Tuesday without the comfort of the IPOD. I don't think we'll ever do that again.

Have you ever ridden with an almost 13 year old for four hours? Who is sick? Who sits in the back row? Who has almost lost her voice and can't fully participate in the conversation? Who constantly says for you to "turn up the radio!" and "turn it down, I can't hear what you're saying!" Almost gave me the shakes.

Makenna is finally better after getting on some Zyrtec (spelling? not so sure and am too lazy to get up and go look at bottle). But, if we miss one dose? She is miserable the next day. We are religious with this every night before bed.

And my baby boy. God Bless him. He has just about potty trained himself. We just provide the underwear and pit stops. Being home meant being back in the country. Sitting on my mother's front porch, I saw him heading across the yard and stop and grab his privates. I hollered..."Pull your shorts down! Pee pee on the tree right there!" Why did I ever do that? Now outdoors is fair game. We live in a neighborhood. I was sitting outside and happened to look over at the park yesterday. I saw the full moon shining. He was peeing on the fence. We get out of the van under the carport and he runs to the side, pulls down his shorts, and lets it go with a big "AHHHHHH". We are doomed. He will be potty trained and arrested constantly for public indecent exposure. Save your change, people. We'll need it for bail.

Three days left til they go back to school and break time is officially over. My, how time flies when people are bored and don't want to do their chores, but want to go and do and whatnot. And, yeah, that was sarcasm.


LovesCans said...

I gave my boy Zyrtec when he was little. It helped him breath better and also knocked him out so I got a much needed good night of sleep.

It's funny, I loved spring break as a child, and I hate it as a parent.

By the way, you're the "next blog."

~*Fabulous Diva*~ (Paige) said...

omg...u make me look like the bad not!...just because i can't stand him doesn't mean he can lie, make me lose my stuff (iPod nano and razr cell phone people!!!) , and have to write apology letters when i did nothing wrong..but..what ever....grrr...