Sunday, March 04, 2007

An Edgy Weekend

We had decent sized weekend here. Lu and the girls got here Friday evening a little later than we expected, but it was all good. Paige skipped out on us and went to a friend's house Friday night. I was leery of letting her go. It's hard moving to a new place and not knowing everyone. And Fred and I are probably over a degree that borders on illegal in some countries. The girl she was staying with? Her mom and dad are divorced, but Dad lives next door. Mom works til midnight, but dad was there to supervise. We informed Paige she was to call every two hours and check in until the mom got home.....and no going out after dark. That part wasn't hard since the friend lives next door to a very old graveyard and Paige ain't about partying with the dead. Fred fell asleep in the recliner with both cell phone and house phone on his chest, waiting for her calls. That's where he slept all night long as I couldn't wake him up to go to bed. Truly. I tried to wake him up, but couldn't get louder than the snoring, but had the phone rang? He would have been wide awake. I probably could have said something like....."Chief! The boat is leaking!!!" and he would have been on his feet immediately, but why be cruel?

We got some good retail therapy in Saturday. I introduced my friend to the joys of shopping at Michael's....a store full of crafts and other fun things. We were in the one dollar bin going through spools of ribbon. This is my obsession because I was tired of buying expensive bows for Makenna's hair. She declared this year she was too old for bows, but would allow a pretty ribbon in her ponytail. It is now my life's mission to have ribbon for anything she and Paige might wear. Paige is into "polka spots" and the bin was full of different colored polka spotted ribbon. As we were looking, Fred had Vitt on his shoulders and they were about 10 feet away looking at something. This is how we harness Vitt when he won't ride on the buggy. He gets the shoulder trip from Dad.

Apparently, Vitt decided to lean back. Fred was unprepared. I heard Fred holler and looked up in time to see my son hit the floor. On his head. The good part? He fell somewhat into a silk flower display and that might have cushioned his fall a little bit. I literally felt my heart skip a beat...then stop...then stutter back into motion. It was one of those slow motion moments where you see it happening but can't seem to move. I could see Fred trying to catch him by the foot and his foot slipping out of his hand. Within seconds I had that baby in my arms feeling his head, neck, shoulders. I could hear in my head...don't move someone who has fallen like this! Keep them immobilized! Call 911 !! Uh, okay. Lu has worked in a doctor's office and has had alot of medical dealings. I was one inch from crying but knew I had to soothe Vitt and Fred was feeling ten kinds of bad and I was on the wrong side of being pissed at him for DROPPING MY CHILD!

Lu kept telling me to chill out. It was an accident. My rational mind was working, but not as loudly and sanely as my irrational for a little while. I finally gave Vitt over to Fred to take outside to the van so Dad could have some time to check him out. I worried the rest of the evening that he might have a concussion even though he was none the worse for wear as time passed. I thought for a minute his speech was slurred...but jeez, half the time we can't understand him. He's just learning to talk well!! Thank you, Lu, for telling me to just STOP. IT. NOW. Concussions are accompanied with crying, throwing up, messed up pupils. Okay. So how can you check pupils when the kid's eyes are such a dark brown, they're almost black???

We moved on past it. And it was hard not to put that kid in the bed with us....just to keep an eye on him.

Other than this piece of excitement, the weekend was wonderful. The weather was great, the food we sought out and found awesome, the shopping deals unbeatable.

My grammar and punctuation during this post? Not so good. Give me a break....I'm still traumatized.


Anonymous said...

Yes, my love, I did, and still do, feel bad. I just want to hold him and not let him go now. EVER!!!! As much as it scared you, it was twice as bad for me. I just kept thinking of Joey. I really don't think I could ever live with myself if there had been any bad effects. I love you and I am sorry that happened.

Domestic Diva said...

Been there! It's such a scary moment! One of those, "that's-it-i'm-gonna-hold-you-till-your-forty" moments.

I'm so glad that little man is okay - and the big man too! ;) Y'all take good care of each other.