Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Men are funny creatures. They can't help it, though. DNA and testosterone just make them that way. A while back on a talk show, I heard a speaker say that men are problem solvers. Women like to talk things out, but men kick into problem solving mode automatically. I believe this to be true. The men in my life are problem solvers of huge proportions. My dad, brother, and especially my husband.

Now my husband is a manly man. There is nothing about him to suggest otherwise. When we were dating, he picked up a strange hobby. He started cross stitching. I kid you not. When I asked him about it, this is what I was told.

Alot of NFL teams make their players take ballet. Ballet helps with coordination and balance. It's not a widely advertised thing because it would be considered...ah....sissy? There are things "real" players have to do to stay on top of their game. So, he cross stitches. He is a nuclear electrician. He deals with motors and such....with lots and lots of tiny wires. When he was teaching power school, he wasn't dealing with motors on a regular basis, therefore he took up cross stitching to keep his dexterity and ability to focus in a very small area. I see his point and have a few nice pieces he's done in the past few years. ~shrugs~ When he's not on a boat, he occasionally works on something to keep the skills sharp.

He's not on a boat at this moment. He's working on some needlepoint/cross stitching with pillow cases for me. I personally don't have the patience to sit and do this, plus my eyes are going bad. It might take him a year or two to get it done.

Last night I came around the corner to see he had broken out a pillow case and was working on it. That was cool. Then I came farther in the room and guess what I saw?

Due to my newly re-arranged living room, the light isn't so good near his chair. And being the problem solver he is? He went and got his head band with the attached flash light on it and was wearing it to work. I just stopped and looked at him. And I said....

"Dude. You know what this means, right?"

"Yep. And I don't care. I need to be able to see."

"Oooookay, then. I just wanted to make sure you knew you opened yourself up to be blogged about."

I gotta admit. It was sort of manly looking, you know, the way he was doing it. He works on the boat with that head band thingy on, so he's really keeping his skills sharp.

Just wish I had the camera handy.

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