Friday, March 16, 2007

As it should be

Last night the hubby and I were watching t.v. As some of you know, it's time for that basketball thingy to happen. I tolerate some sports on the television because he doesn't ask for a whole lot and I actually understand basketball somewhat.

We've recently purchased a new area rug for the living room. It's shaggy and huge and very comfy to lay on. I find myself laying on it and reading my magazines or going through catalogs more and more. Last night Fred decided to join me on the floor as we watched the games. Of course, he knew that Grey's Anatomy is way more important than the basketball game and agreed to turn it there at 9 p.m. There would be alot of switching back to the game during commercial breaks and I had no problem with that.

Apparently my son has decided to put the lovely huge floor cushions in his room for whatever reason and Fred had already laid claim to the one that had found its way back to the living room.

And I said....."I would certainly love to have a floor cushion of my own. It's in Vitt's room if you are so inclined."

He just looked at me.

Then I said..."Look. I don't ask for much around here. But, I have given birth to your son...who, I might add inherited your big head and that big head of his messed my monkey up for a long time, so if I need a pillow, you should get it for me because I've already done my duty."...."I'm just saying..."

By then he was laughing at me because I am good and deserve one of those acting awards because I can say all of this with a straight serious face. Like I truly mean it.

And he got that pillow for me.

Me and my monkey appreciate it.


Domestic Diva said...

Oh, Hope! You crack me up. Just had to let you know!

Melanie said...

You are your monkey are saints girl! and yep, you're Oscar material :)