Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Friends

Just a quick note to let you know I've added me some new friends to my list. If you'll glance to the right, you'll see two new names added just now.

Get Off My Lawn is a new friend up from Canada way. He, too, is the parent of a little gal who is the same age as The Boy (or round about the same age). He has perfect articulation and I enjoy my visits to the Lawn. I ask him how's his Mama (because I am Southern and you must always ask about Mama) and have promised to tell him about grits and sweet tea. Take a gander if you are so inclined. He's right friendly. Just stay off his lawn. (Lawn? I did green text in your honor.)

I've also added Andria. And I really didn't ask her permission to do this. We are two kindred spirits in this world. She is the parent of three kids. Opposite of me, though. She has two boys and "SURPRISE!" ...just got herself one incredibly adorable Elizabeth. She is worked to the bone and under appreciated (LIKE ME!). Yet, she still manages to keep her sense of humor. She is worth visiting if you get the chance. One very smart lady there.

I have quite a few other blogs that I haunt on a daily basis. A lot of them I am brave enough to leave comments. It's almost like standing in front of the class to give an oral book report. You really want to be cool and funny. Most of the time, though, I fear I end sounding retarded. Yet, they pity we well and pat my head kindly and wait for me to do it again some other day. I believe all bloggers are a unique breed of writers. We all chew our nails and consider blogging. How hard can it be? Yeah, right. Then we set up an account and nervously put a few word with punctuation down. Delete. Start over. Delete. Start over. Finally you hit the post button and sweat starts pouring. You find out a month or two later you can actually go and delete that embarrassing first post but, by then, it's too late. You shrug and realize no one started school in the twelfth grade and you are entitled to stupid, boring, nonsense posts once in a while.

I do this blogging gig first and foremost for myself. I am horrible at hand writing a journal. I'd much prefer to type. I would call family members and friends when something funny would happen and I would always get..."Did you write that down? You should write that down!" So many good memories and stories lost because I didn't take pen to paper. This is my present to my kids one day. Something that is bound to humiliate them to no end, yet prove with each word I've written just how much I love them. The gravy part? Is that my friends and family and few lurkers who read but don't post a comment get to enjoy my life such as it is.

If you're thinking you might can do this blogging thang? Go ahead. I don't think any of us who started ever thought we'd really like it and actually continue doing it. And when you post retarded comments? We'll pat you on the head and wait for you to do it again and again til you perfect it!

And for Gawd's sake...please use the spell check button!!!!!!!


andria said...

Thanks for the shout out.

I added you to my blog and didn't ask. I never know the etiquette for that. I figure I don't mind being linked to so other people probably don't either.

I know what you mean about the blogging. I started mine as a way for my husband to see pictures of Adam when he was about 6 months and working out of state 3 weeks of every month. It has since evolved and hopefully he doesn't read it any longer.

I have met the nicest people in the blogosphere, it can be addicting that way.

Melanie said...

I can read here, but as soon as I tried to create my own, Big Brother popped in and said I was working on an unauthorized site - dang government. I do have a 'diary' that I've kept online for the past seven years - nothing nearly as entertaining as your life on paper :) I'm glad you've let me share in your life, I'm feeling quite tiara-ish when I come see you.

Paige ( : said...

haha, mama, green text? lol well, it is canada.

( :

you knowww...

((inside camp joke ya'll, maybe post later))