Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Spare

A spare is a good thing to have around some times. Spare change. A spare tire. You know...things of that nature.

I found me a spare hero this evening.

My first hero is my Daddy. Any girl chile* who has been fortunate enough to have a good Daddy will tell you that he is her very first hero in life. Mine is no exception. He has come to my rescue so many times, I lost count around the age of five. He has answered some of the deepest thought provoking questions. He's fixed cars that prolly should have been shot and buried. When something has gone wrong in my life, I've never hesitated to call on my Daddy. Oh, he might fuss and grumble some because that's his way, but he fixes and repairs to the best of his ability, therefore constantly reaffirming his role as my first hero.

There's my hubby. He was my knight in uniform that made me realize that there are, indeed, good men in this world like my Daddy. He might not can fix a car or build amazing things from scratch with wood and nails, but he sure fixed this messed up heart of mine. That's pretty amazing in my book. And the fact that he's a freaking whiz with numbers and can help the kids with math home work is a HUGE plus. I tease him that he is spoiled rotten by first his own Mother, and now me. He does not dispute this fact at all. He simply can't.

I know I'm spoiled by him. He does so many little hero things day in and out that the overall picture he's building will be pretty dang spectacular one day. Tonight, I made the comment to him that I knew we had a heating pad. I was in dire need of one. Then I looked at him and said...It's on your end of the couch, right? Back in our South Carolina house? Sadly, we both knew this to be true. Immediately, he offered to get dressed and go right then and buy me one. (See? Total hero qualities, Internets. Are you jealous yet?) I declined his offer as I knew he was tired and just needed to enjoy his television as The Boy was already in bed. (Really, though? They had been wrestling earlier and I'm thinking The Boy had worked his Daddy over but good.)

I was on a popular messenger talking with a friend (of the former mosquito post) and I mentioned to her my desire for a heating pad. And the reasons for wanting one. She, without hesitation, dug hers out and had that husband of hers out of the door and headed my way. To the rescue he came! Within a few minutes he was knocking on the door. Now THAT'S a good man. Of course I protested when she told me he was bringing it, but he was already gone!

He stayed and spoke a moment but headed back when she im'd me (laptops are wonderful inventions) to let me know the dog had gone crazy when he walked out. Into the dark he went to soothe that new puppy of his.

So spares are nice to have around, Internets.

And a spare hero?


*chile- meant to spell it that way even though spell check does not agree with me. Southern people tend to say this word from time to time, although I do believe it is a word on the endangered list.


Domestic Diva said...

What a wonderful hero and friend!!! I love me some good deeds!! :) Now you know what you have to do..."pay it forward." It's your turn to spread the love. ;)

Melanie said...

I don't think that word is endangered at all, least not in my family! A spare hero is definitely something to be blessed with! Sorry you were feeling poorly enough to need one, but PRAISE GOD you got one right when you needed it :)
I know it's wrong, girl, but I sure do feel an eentsy bit jealous of your first hero - what a lucky girl you are!

Crazy Me said...

You are a lucky woman indeed! And I have to add, the heating pad is one of the best inventions on the planet!!

Domestic Diva said...

Mellie - I'm jealous too. If only we could ALL have great daddies!!

Tracey said...

Spare heroes sounds like an awesome thing to have in abundance. Hope the bumps are all going down and you're less uncomfortable.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

What you don't know is that whenever we few are sent on errands on a moments notice, there are untold dangers awaiting. Ninjas drop from trees by the corner store, packs of dire wolves skulk near parking lots and low lit areas waiting for some dude with a quart of late night ice cream to fumble with his keys, and if you ever wondered where one could find chocolate at 3:00am, stop thinking about it... there be dragons. Heroes indeed

Crazy Me said...

Ummmm .... hello? I know you're done with the book so where the heck are ya?