Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Have you seen the Lexus commercial where the car parallel parks itself? I'm still calling bullcrap on that. I won't believe it until I personally sit in the driver's seat and let that bad boy go to work. Let's just say it IS true. Go with me here. Last night Fred and I were watching television and I posed this question to him, and now you.

If the car can parallel park itself, then if you own one, can you take it for your driver's license test? Everyone who has taken the test knows that is the worst part of the whole thing and most of us *ahem* will never parallel park again in their lives after barely passing that part. So, if you own this lovely vehicle that can take the worry from your you think it should be allowed in the driver's license test? (I'm really thinking of teens taking the driver's test because if an adult owns a car like this and needs to take the test over? Go ahead and take their license and give it to the car.)

My husband is a good man. He truly is. When he decided I was the one, he gave up alot of fun bachelor things in his life. He quit buying every single movie that came out on DVD. He slowed up on the golf . Well, he isn't really supposed to play golf right now due to his recuperating knee, but before that, he had cut back tremendously. So many things he gave up to be with us. He honestly didn't seem to mind at all. I worried and fretted that he would miss all that financial freedom, but he appears to be truly okay with it. There's just one thing he won't share. Lobster. We go out to eat and he orders any type of lobster? I'm lucky if I get a tiny bite to taste. He's right stingy with it. Hey now, I'm just being honest here.

Last night my neighbor had made some dark chocolate with white chocolate chip cookies. She brought a few over for me to taste test for her. I'm all about some taste testing when it comes to chocolate. Fred and I kept passing the bag back and forth until we got to the last one. I looked at it and said to him,

"I'll share this last one with you."

Then I broke it in half and held his part out to him...barely out of reach.

"I love chocolate. You know I love chocolate, yet I am prepared to sacrifice and give you HALF of my cookie because I love you. I adore you. I am prepared to show my undying love for you by sharing this cookie with you."

He continued to reach for the cookie, but I was not yet finished.

"I guess I'll see just how much you love me the next time you order lobster. Because I have a feeling you won't share. But, I love you and am more than willing to share my cookie."

He went the extra inch and got the cookie then.

Bless that man's heart being married to the Queen of Drama.


it's the little things... said...

Raised as an only child, I was often teased for stuffing my mouth with the entire last Ding Dong, for example, and saying through a mouthful of chocolate to my friend, "Uh, did you want some?" Sharing is hard!

And as for parallel parking, that's how I failed my driving test the first time. I'm still not good at it, at 42, and am in awe of the people that can just reverse so quickly and perfectly back into the spot.

Celia said...

Awww, you shared your chocolate. Now that's seriously love. ;)

I haven't seen that commercial... I guess I don't watch enough television (!). It can park itself? I'll pass. I'm still waiting on the DeLorean from Back to the Future or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 'Til then, I'm not impressed. :D