Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Pox Upon You

ARGH. We look like we have a pox of some kind. And it's all caused by mosquitoes. I kid you not.

For weeks we couldn't go outside because they would swarm you as soon as your blood hit the door way. We didn't care because it was too hot to go outside anyways and it was raining every single blessed day.

My neighbor and I sprayed our lawns for the pesky biters and were successful for a few days. We were overjoyed and dreamed of sitting outside in the evenings and watching the kids play away the rest of summer. The rains came back and washed it all away. Dreams crashed to the ground.

Then it got hot again. You'd walk outside and feel like you were breathing water the humidity was so high.


Now the humidity is gone and the weather is just gorgeous. A small breeze off of the inlet blows in and it's just perfect and ripe to enjoy.

Oh, just to enjoy a few minutes outside.

Last night some friends came over to hang out and let the kids play outside. Out came the tikki torches in a desperate attempt to ward off the blood suckers. The aroma of bug spray drifted in the breeze as young and old alike practically bathed in it. The neighbors started drifting over until it looked like a block party minus the food and grills. We smacked our bodies and those of the closest person in a mass effort to keep bites to a minimum. We braved it for a couple of hours because it just felt so good to be outside and the kids were bound to sleep good as they rode bikes and scooters round and round the cull de sac.

The skeeters finally won and we headed off inside.

Now, in the light of day, I cringe when my son backs up to me begging me to scratch his back. Boy looks like he's got a pox going on.

Just like my ankles.

Yep. I'm bout ready for a frost to come and kill 'em off for another season.


Melanie said...

I don't miss the skeeters, but I sure do miss so many other things about KB. And you KNOW as soon as that frost comes along, you'll be wishing for the summer humidity again :P

andria said...

We have a wonderful covered patio that is never used because the mosquitoes are so horrendous here. The lady behind us, and we live WAY TOO CLOSE, planted a jungle in which she keeps pools of water so even our 300 dollar mosquito magnet can't compete with what she sends our way. My kids don't even know what it's like to play outside as a result. HATE the mosquitoes.

Celia said...

Oh man, I don't think I'd survive down there. Skeeters love me. I can't say, however, that I share the affection. :) Better than spiders, though.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Skeeters suck! Really, they do! My Grandma told me to put toothpaste on the bites. I don't think it did anything but it kept us from scratching. Sympathies.

Crazy Me said...

I am so with you on the skeeters. I can't sit on my front porch without coming back in looking like a victim of some strange disease!