Monday, July 02, 2007

Edge Happenings....

The Edge is all about relaxin' today. The Man is on leave this week and enjoying himself nicely in his recliner with his laptop on his lap. The Boy is never far from his Dad because it's a treat to have him around during morning hours. The girls are sleeping in because they can. Fine with me. I can cruise the net to my heart's content and drink my morning gallon of coffee.

It's official. We've been here for a solid full year. I honestly didn't know if I'd be able to do this or not. Seriously? I thought I'd tough it out for a while and figure out this wasn't for me and haul my kids and stuff back to South Carolina. Didn't happen. We wiggled our butts right on in and made ourselves at home. So much so for Paige, she's begging to live here until she graduates high school. I don't know about all that now. It's a wait and see kind of deal at the moment. Fred might can swing it with doing a shore duty after a sea tour....but the Navy likes to keep you on your toes and on nerve pills. They're cool like that.

So, there's alot of thinking going on about that particular situation. We just knew when we moved that Paige would either love it or hate it. She's not a half way kind of gal. She loves it here. Makenna still makes noises about going back to S.C. She has fun here and has made friends, but Nana and Papa aren't nearby and she's been missing them more than I ever thought she would. Nana keeps her supplied with snacks and Papa is her t.v. watching buddy. They sit in side by side recliners and enjoy the big screen goodness in his living room.

We've hemmed and hawed about what to do about the fourth of July and how to spend this whole week of family togetherness. I want to stay here in Jawja for the festival downtown, but I want to see my folks, too. My brother has called me twice! (hold on whilst I recover from the shock of it...) He's on vacation this week until Friday and wants us to go home so he can show off his new boat and Big Butt Innertube. How can I turn that down? So, we've decided to go to S.C. Tues.-Thurs. of this week. I guess. Probably. Argh. Freedom of choice is a hard thing to handle sometimes. When having an impromptu family meeting at the dinner table yesterday, all voted in favor of going to S.C. and doing some 'tubing. All minor voters, that is. That's all I need. To see my kids bouncing down the river in a huge innertube just asking for a bodily injury.

For those of you who ask..."How can you say you'll be gone? Isn't that asking for someone to come break into your home?" Uh...well....I look at it this way. My kids upstairs will know we're not around and since he's a Master at Arms, he's got connections to have Shore Patrol here in a blink. The Marine on the other side? Well, they're just flat out crazy anyway and he would just LOVE a chance to legally use some of the stuff he's learned since boot camp. So, knock yourself out! Just don't try to mapquest me. The military doesn't give out specifics on military installations. They're kind of funny bout stuff like that.

Paige is still going to post something on her camp experiences. We keep getting snippets here and there. I'm kind of scared to get her film developed!

In case I'm not around, everyone out there please have an Edgy Fourth and keep it safe and legal.

p.s. We're gonna be dorky no matter where we end up because Fred, Vitt, and Makenna have matching tshirts to wear. Paige has her own cool version of that shirt. Me? Never one to follow nicely. I got me a nice red shirt with white stars all over it! Yeah....


Paige said...

yep yep...we're dorky..but its all good! life would be boring without dorky/weird/strange people like me, so if I rub off, oh well. ( :

Domestic Diva said...

I hope y'all have a great time!! Be safe!!

And Hope, while I'm indulging in my "White Trash Puddin'" I'll think of you...and smile :)

Happy 4th Y'all!