Friday, July 13, 2007

Six Years?? Wow.

I got me a date tonight, Internets. At a restaurant that takes reservations. Yeah, that's right. High dollar dining for Miss Hope at 6:30 p.m. this evening. And all of this romantic goodness? My husband's idea. I might just shave my legs for an occasion such as this.

Because today is the sixth anniversary of our meeting face to face. Ack...this means a small explanation. We met online before meeting online was cool. May 27, I do believe it was. Now for those who knew me then, quit counting on your fingers right this minute. I know that's when I was getting a divorce. BUT..and I stress BUT...I had already been to my lawyer for a consult and had put down a retainer fee because I was SO out of that relationship before I even knew The Man existed. I may not have been quite free legally to go about my business, but that mess was over and done with. I prolly should have waited longer, but when a present such as this is put in your lap? You don't argue, you open that sucker up and enjoy the mess out of it.

Shortening the story a tad. Fred was stationed in Pearl Harbor while I was living in S.C. He im'd me one night as he was PCS'ing* to Charleston in the next month. We struck up a conversation and, well, just talked. Alot. Next thing I knew, we were fighting a six hour time difference just to have a talk every day. He left Hawaii to spend a few weeks with his family before heading on to S.C.

He arrived July 11 and we thought about meeting around July 14th or 15th. We decided we couldn't wait. I juggled and smuggled and did what I could to make a meeting happen on Friday, July 13. And it did. We met. Face to face.

Then I reckon we did the next best thing.

We proceeded to live happily ever after.

Happy Anniversary, Honey. It's been an interesting six years and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Oh, and did I mention that I love you?

*PCS'ing. PCS stands for permanent change of station. Which is kind of stupid to me because no station is permanent, but that's the military for you.

And when I made mention last night about blogging about this, Paige called Fred "Mr. Sappy Comment Poster Man".

Some Miss Hope personal trivia. I was born on the 13th. I am the 13th grandchild on my mother's side. If there had been a 13th month and year available, I feel positive I would have had those, too.


Domestic Diva said...

Awww! Congrats on the 6 years! :) I hope y'all have many many more wonderful years together. Enjoy your night out! :)

Hope's Hubby said...

Yes, it was exactly 6yrs ago on Friday the 13th, coincidentally, that I met my lovely bride. And, to explain a little further on her story: When I found out I was moving to SC, I decided to try and find out a little about the place. I had never been there except to drive through once (I don't even remember where I was heading). The IMing was after I asked, in a room full of people, if there was anyone from Charleston, SC. Since she was the closest at the time, I decided to see if I could find out anything about the place.

Anyway, you know the rest. I have never been happier than I am with Hope, and I know God brought us together and that we will be together for ever.

I love you, Hope, and am looking forward to many more years together.

Celia said...

Awww, yay! Have fun tonight! :)

Tracey said...

aAwwwww!!! Sweet. Hope you have a lovely night. Happy anniversary!

Melanie said...

happy anniversary! enjoy your night out, and many more shave-worthy adventures :)
Paige you were right girl....that was a sappy comment!

ande spelled backwards said...

I just want to say congrats on your 6 year celebration! Hope it's great! I think it's really sweet the way you two met, and I know how military goes. Nothing is permanent! You guys are doing great!
Oh, and thanks for checking out my blog a while back, when I was getting it started. I really appreciate it! I'm starting to get the hang of this, and am really enjoying myself.
God Bless!

Michelle P Tanner said...

Hope, I'm also glad God brought Fred into our life. We think he is wonderful for you. We love you all!!