Saturday, July 14, 2007


I called my mother in law last night because since Fred is on a type of shore duty, I NEVER get to talk to her. And that's right criminal because I really love my mother in law. (the Internets *gasps* in shock) Seriously, she's the coolest lady to hang around with and we think alot alike. I ain't saying I agree with her doctoring grits up with all kinds of sugar and crap like that...but if I look away when she's doctorin', I can pretend she's eating them right. She introduced me to the world of cheese and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

I had a little ditty to share with her about her grandson (will share that in a later post). I then told her about going out to supper. She immediately asked, "Well? Did he share his lobster?" The woman is good. She knows her son well, even though he's been gone from home for near about 18 years. I informed her that Fred got the steak and fried lobster tail and he did, indeed, share a bite with me. I personally had the better of the two with my crab and LOBSTER stuffed grouper. (and yes, I did share with him!)Gawd, that was some amazing stuff. We ate at the prettiest place overlooking the marsh. It's built so close to the edge, you literally feel like the dining room is over the water. We were entertained watching the tide come in and a guesstimated six foot alligator riding the current slowing swishing his tail back and forth. There were promises of live piano music. She showed up as we were finishing our meal. Good thing, too, because she was just too loud and it would have made conversation hard.

Conversation. What on earth do married folks talk about when out alone? The kids. I firmly put a stop to that and informed my nicely dressed hubby that we had to talk about other things not related to the children. That lasted about five minutes before we swung back around to them. I finally sighed and said..."Let's go ahead and talk about them. At least they're not here to eavesdrop and offer their unsolicited opinions." So, we did. And it still turned out enjoyable.

Oh.....did I mention that my hubby came home from work with a bouquet of six roses? One for each year. Now he knows I'm not a flower kind of gal. I don't care much for flowers that are gonna die in a few days and end up wasting money. Yet, he also knows that I can be sucker for them if the occasion is right and the thought is sweet enough. These flowers totally qualified on both those counts. Too bad I left all my vases in S.C. (dangit, I can see in my mind's eye at least 3 of them on the top shelf of my pantry there!). Never fear! I called my neighbor who has anything you could possibly ever ask for and she came through for me. They are just perfect on my dining room table. Paige arranged them and even put the red and white bow that came with them on the vase itself. She is a Southern Belle in training.

We took the long way home. Which is a joke because the town is on the small side in places. We decided to drive down to the waterfront and just drive real slow and look. To me, that's the nicest thing in the world to do. We took an alternate route back to the main road and discovered houses beyond our wildest dreams! I had no idea our town hid such beauties and that obviously so many people who live here are friggin rich to own such things. I can't wait to show them to my Mama. She enjoys a good drive and look-see as good as I do.

Have I said how nice it is to have a reliable babysitter so we can do stuff like this occasionally? I'm not stupid. Paige loves her brother with all her heart and soul. She knows how...uh...spirited he can be. Yet, she still loves him and cares for him so well. She loves her Mak, too, but this baby is pretty much hers. All I had to do was gestate and hand him over is how I feel sometimes. Peace of mind over your sitter is a wonderful thing to have, Internets.

Made this anniversary successful and one of the best ones yet.

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Tracey said...

So happy for you! Sounds like a lovely night.