Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Why is this?

Can someone please tell me why band aids are an obsession with kids?

I can't keep a decent band aid in my house to save my life. I honestly believe Vitt and Mak can sniff them out no matter what. I can buy a box and sneak it in the house, hide it in the cabinet behind something and they STILL find that box and use in one day.

Vitt will wear one for all of five minutes before the glue irritates him and it's snatched off. THEN, you have to kiss the spot where the hair got ripped off because it hurt and there was no wound to begin with. But, because that particular area hurts, he can justify using more of them. He firmly believes this.

Makenna thinks that as soon as one teeny tiny drop of blood gets on the band aid, it's time to put on a fresh one. Lord help us if I buy a box of different sized ones. She then tries them on like shoes until she finds the perfect fit. Next thing you know? All of that size is gone. Of course, that's the size I will need when I get a paper cut.

Just now? I went to the fridge and guess what I found in the freezer? My newest box of bandages.

I guess they were hiding them from me. Game on. Let's see 'em find that box now!


OneHungMan said...

It could be worse. Suppose all you have in the house are bright orange and green band-aids that have Shrek on them. Then suppose you, the adult, actually need a band-aid.

Yes, OneHung's booboo got a lot of attention that day.

Domestic Diva said...

I must confess, as a kid, I LOVED band-aids! I'd pick out the coolest ones ever and would actually look for a reason to use one! LOL! My favorites of all time were glitter band-aids. Truly eye catching. Got a lot of comments about those suckers!

Melanie said...

shall I give you your perspective today? At least it's not St Joseph's aspirin that they are attracted to! When I was growing up, one of those orange flavored miracle pills cured all, and those bottles always seemed to be empty! Can't wait to see if the kids find this box :)

Melinda Meadows said...

We buy ours at Costo normally, because I'm accident prone. I usually have kiddie ones about the house because they do the same thing your kids do! It's a bad day in my house when they get into MOM'S band aides!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Hide lots of EMPTY band aid boxes all over the house. Put ONE band aid in ONE of the boxes. Keep the band aids in a ziploc bag between the matress. Put treasure maps in some of the empty boxes. Have the maps lead to cleaning supplies and instructions to clean the toilet. If they want to play games, give 'em the blitzkrieg!

Miss Hope said...

Lawn? You are twisted.

I like your style.