Friday, August 01, 2008

Where did They go???

To school, that's where!!!!!!

I was not in fine form this morning, my Internet family. No, Miss Hope was on the verge of needing a good smack. At least, I'm pretty sure my husband was thinking about it.

It has been the busiest week EVAH. Not only have I had that Compass deal going on in the evening time, but there's been three open houses at three different schools and let's not forget that program I'm doing at the base chapel on Thursday mornings.

My sweet Kenna had the first open house. She made a flower pen at crafts one week to give to her teacher that night. She's got the one male teacher in 4th grade. She didn't know what to do about it until he asked her if that flower was for him. He thanked her big and put it on his desk. Scored points in my book right there. If you have elementary age children, you know how the rooms look. Those teachers put up valances and posters and knick knacks. Your child will have their name on their desk with maybe a little pencil holder? This guys' room was stark. Nothing fancy or soft in there to speak of. He had one board decorated with some neon paper. Wonder if his wife had something to do with that? We stopped to speak to Kenna's 2nd grade teacher because we just loved her and she assured us that everyone loves this particular teacher as he is funny and great to be around. We'll see how Miss Thang handles it.

Next we had The Boy's open house. I'm accustomed to stopping in, speaking to the teacher, checking out the classroom and heading out. Silly me! This is a D.O.D. (Department of Defense) school. You gotta be briefed for a solid hour on what your kid will be doing, how they will be reprimanded, what size blanket is acceptable for nap time, how the Navy spent good bucks to have a water play playground installed (where the water pops out of the ground), etc. and etc. You are properly impressed, I promise. Meanwhile, your kid is chomping to get into the centers set up and you're trying to act like you're hanging onto every word the teacher is saying. Afterwards? The Man recalled even less than I did.

Last night was Paige's open house. Holy moly in a bucket. There's no way. I'll take my small alma mater high school with a graduating class of around 82 any day of the week. There were thousands of people there. I kid you not. Thousands. It was beyond bedlam. We walked at least 2 miles trying to find the different hallways her classes were located. No maps. No bread crumb trails. I looked at her during our quest for the biology class and said..."Baby Girl? You are on your own." She is so excited and ready for this adventure. She's the one I'm praying for today. I would be scared out of my entire mind. Not her. She just sees the potential to meet new people and make more connections. God Bless her. And Thank You, Lord, Miss Emily is there working and can look out for her!

I was out of sorts this morning. Compass being at night just threw me. I like to get the first day's outfit ironed and set out the night before. By the time I got home last night? Kenna was in bed and had done her best to pack her own backpack. Oh, lovely. So, we got up a little earlier this morning. I didn't do much school clothes shopping because clothes from last year still fit. No jeans are needed in this hot weather. A new pair of shoes and a few pieces of summer clearance clothing and we're good for a while. Paige got some new pieces of fashionable attire and a couple bags of cool hand me downs from Miss Coty yesterday. Coty is married and a Mama, but she's totally cool in Paige's eyes and wears the bestest stuff.

The Boy starts his adventure Monday. That'll give me more time to get his stuff straight. He has a list as long as my arm that they require he have on premises. Jeesh. Miss D. has his new backpack with her so she can put his name on it proper like. Her baby girl is the love of my son's life and they'll be at the same school together...which thrills me and Miss D. to pieces. We have deemed it so that they should have the cutest backpacks, blankies, and pillows of all. It's only fitting that they do.

Without further ado, I give you the required first day of school pictures. My girls don't argue about it as it won't do them any good.

This is my golf playing, book reading, FOURTH GRADER. I had a hard time finding her name on the third grade list the other day. I think I'm trying to keep her from growing up.

Note the backpack. She's used it since 4K. That's a good backpack.

Yes, I know there's a glare on her glasses. She knows there's a glare on her glasses. But, she's so cute!!!!

This is Britt and Paige. Britt is our next door neighbor and a good pal of Paige's. Britt is a Senior this year and loving life. She's a regular here at the Edge. To the point that when she knocks on the door, we open it and she says "HI!" as she goes straight on past to find Paige.

This concludes the first day of school post...until The Boy starts Monday. I'm already planning my day starting with coffee somewhere in this town!

Have a good weekend...especially if it's tax free like it's going to be here!


Monogram Queen said...

School? Seriously! I just got a small supply list - and she's only going into 4K!!!

The Man on the Edge said...

I will admit that I don't remember a whole lot about what Vitt's teacher said, but, when you are trying to keep up with the boy, it is hard to hear what the teacher is trying to say to all of you.

I am proud of all my kids, Kenna is just taking everything is stride.

Paige admitted to me that she is nervous, but is looking forward to getting started on this new adventure.

The Boy is chomping at the bit to get going. We will see how he handles everything next week.

I love my wife. She works hard, and, things would not go anywhere near as smooth around here without her. She is the glue that keeps this family together and the oil that keeps it running smoothly.

Thank you my love.

chelle's winks said...

Gosh...your girls look beautiful! I love Paige's glasses...that's the first picture I've seen of her with them...I'm speechless...they look great!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

they look like little models!!! And what a sweet hubby! Alright everyone, say it with me..."Awwwweeee!" :}

Wendy said...

I can't *wait* for school to start. And neither can Noah, lol. I think he's tired of me. Last year we spent mega money just on the supply list. It was ridiculous! Looks like the girls were excited for the first day. I would've been terrified to start at a school that huge! I can't wait to see The Boy's first day pix. And The Man is so sweet!

Oh yeah, I left something for you on my blog... lol.

Dani said...

I love first day of school pictures ... they start early in GA (though FL might be starting that early now adays ... I know I typically started around the 18th of Aug but about a year after I graduated, they started even earlier so they could finish in May).

The pictures are great ... can't wait to see Vitt's next week!

Mrs. Em said...

Yes! I'm at the school and more than willing to help Paige anytime she needs it! It'll be fun to see her every morning next semester!

Get Off My Lawn! said...

AH, school. Still on vacation, I can't imagine going back now. But soon... all too soon. The kids look ready. Good luck to Paige in the labyrinthine high school. She'll do well, all of my auguries are good.

Pikes Pickles said...

Miss Hope-
School? Its already begun? OH NO! The girls look spectacular. Paige is stylin with those glasses! Kenna - that backpack looks awesome and I like the shorts too. I am going back to that post to see where your mother got the backpack.
Mr Hope/ man on the edge- Wow. all that and a fine Republican too. . . impressive.