Friday, May 23, 2008

Un-named Hurricane headed this way.......

Okay, so it might not be a storm that is being monitored by super duper weather people, let's call it a storm of a personal nature.

A few weeks ago, I happened to notice my husband's belly button. Why would I notice his belly button? I don't know, to be honest. It caught my eye and I made mention that it didn't look right. I knew he was an "innie" and it wasn't looking so innie-fied. I asked him if he was okay. Perfectly fine was the reply. The next week, I noticed again that belly button wasn't exactly right. Again, I asked if he was okay. I'm okay, said he. The beginning of the week, that durn belly button mocked me. Of course I asked if he was okay and if he was hurting because hernias usually present themselves through the belly button and it looked like he was working on one. He assured me yet again that he felt fine and I had to drop it.

Every six months, the Navy requires that you prove to them you are in top physical form. You must weigh in, measure, and run a little ways in a specific amount of time. You pass or fail. The older guys...and I'm leaning towards submariners....really dislike this. They work in small confined spaces and time to work on physical fitness usually is nonexistent. You are required to run a mile and a half (time to be determined by age). How many submarines are a mile and a half long?

Anyway, my husband is counting down his PFA's (physical fitness assessment). He only has a few left before retirement and he can't be finished with them soon enough. He has been excused from running, but has to do hardball with an elliptical machine. His 42 year old knees can't handle pounding the asphalt and he's perfectly okay with the elliptical.

The other day he headed off to do that dreaded PFA. I didn't think anything of it. It's part of how things are done. When he didn't come home after an hour, I assumed he was waiting in line for a machine. What I didn't expect was a call from him...from the clinic. It appears he started feeling alot of pain after some push ups, sit ups, and a starting run on the elliptical machine. His Master Chief (who happens to be a corpsman) sent him to medical.

My husband has a hernia. An umbilical hernia. How about that. Now he has to see a specialist because he will need surgery to repair it.

I have requested that he have put in his medical records that his wife diagnosed him THREE WEEKS AGO. Validation, Internets. I'm sure you understand.

On top of all of that, there's Paige. What about Paige, might you ask? Well, let me tell you about Paige.

She has flat feet. Courtesy of her bio-father. That man's feet are so flat they suck to the floor when he is barefoot. I kid you not.

After one broken foot, and three sprained ankles...her doctor felt it would be wise for her to get some physical therapy to strengthen her ankles. I thought it wise, too, because how many people have shoe boots, two sets of crutches, and wraps on hand around the house? (and they were all from Paige)

The Man took her for her initial consultation on Tuesday. Apparently, she has potential for bad feet. Her arches are already falling. Without proper help, in ten years (at the tender age of 24) she could be having major foot problems. She was told by a concerned therapist she has to wear GOOD shoes from here on out and keep the cute sandals to a minimum.

Enter intense therapy starting next week. Three times a week.

Enter a surgery in the near future with recovery time for The Man.

Enter a summer of all these people being here in the same home.

Miss Hope can't have mild storms in her life. Sweet storms with gentle falling rain.

No sir. She has to have full fledged storms. Loud, with lightning and thunder..with wind thrown in for good measure.

How on earth can I dance in the rain if there's a chance I can get hit by lightning. Answer me that, would you?

What do I do? What needs to be done. I've called my Mother-in-law to let her know what she might be coming into when she visits. Bless her, she's still planning to come. I called my Mama to tell her she might have to come spend a day or two with me. There are times when you just can't do it all by yourself. I have friends here who wouldn't mind helping out, but considering they're all heading out of town soon....that might not be an option for them. Plus, friends who are still here might've just gotten their hubby back from "vacationing in the deep blue" and need quality time with their man. That, I can totally understand.

I have to recover from being a bad wife, too. This all happened Wednesday and I told The Man when he called from the clinic to not plan anything for yesterday (Thursday) because we had too much going on. Awards day and graduation for The Boy. Like he could help having a hernia and all that goes with it. I told him to make it til Friday (today) and we could do whatever needs to be done. Well, Friday isn't good for him because he's taking part in a co-worker's retirement and can't let a brother down.

Life can be pretty durn inconvenient sometimes.

This is how it rolls at The Edge. Never a dull moment, I can promise you.

I have lovely pictures from yesterday that I plan on sharing with you very soon. Good stuff that'll make you smile.

So, you go on now, and have a right decent Memorial Weekend. Remember our men and women wearing the uniforms to serve and protect this country of ours. Remember the ones who've gone on before. (Thanks, Daddy!)


Debbie said...

Hope darlin, I hope you used those 5 little words that will make you feel so much better... " Fred I told You so!!" At what point are the men going to understand that we are always RIGHT. And Doc Hope has spoken yet again. Ya know if ya need me I'm right next door with a Pina Colada for ya.

andria said...

My husband had the UH surgery and it wasn't too bad for him. Here's hoping for a very quick recovery for him (and you).

Krys72599 said...

I'm SO there with your friend Debbie. Although I'm not usually and "I told you so" kind of gal (I THINK it, I just don't usually say it out loud - a matter of picking my battles, you know?!), this one warrants a long, loud "I told you so," with the only acceptable response from the Man being, "You were right again, dear."
And my DH has the flattest feet I've ever seen - I would rather hang upside down by my toenails than shop for shoes with him because of them (and his feet are super narrow, too!)...

chelle's winks said...

OK Fred...when ya gonna learn to listen to HOPE! Women (and wifes) make the best doctors. We are always in tune with what's going on with our bodies and the ones we love....

Man Hope..what a way to start off the summer. Nothing like a good thunder storm with lots of rain. To bad the rains gonna last a while after the thunder.

Paige...lose the Rainbows...sorry they are not good shoes. My foot doctor told me they were OK..but again a woman speaks...they are NOT! You can still look pretty with sandals just don't wear them for long periods of time.

Love you all...good luck with your recovery...let me know if I can help in any way....

House of Hayes said...

Hurricanes are always a brewin here for sure!!
I am here for you .. and just holler away!
And when I am away the 'man' of my house can help you too...!! Don't hesitate to ask..because he wouldn't hesitate calling your cell :)

HUGS GIRL...and you know where I am !!

Jill AKA busymom said...

Ohhh Ms Hope hugs to ya darlin!!! As the mother of four who spent 6 hours at Tripler with two of them Monday and came home with one on crutches and one is a sling...I feel your pain.

One time three of them had surgery all on the same day....April Fools day to be exact. God has jokes because the nurse we had ended up being the husband of a very good friend I made later on down the road.

Oh! Yeah and today Friday I am going back to Tripler with two of them for doctors appointments. The 14 year old is getting his football physical for JV football.....This physical is just the beginning of the trips to the hospital playing football is going to bring!

Remember to laugh alot over the summer and keep the chocolate handy!

Lishak said...

Your poor family! Hopefully it'll get better for you soon!
My hubby had the hernia surgery too and it wasn't too bad.
Also, I hear Dansko clogs are the best! They provide excellent support.
Have a great memorial day weekend!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Wishing you all the best!

Pikes Pickles said...

Oh Miss hope your life runs to parallel to mine - ITS downright scary. A couple thoughts. Its a good thing that this happened now - prior to retirement. We are living this same nightmare.Be sure everything is documented in his medical record. For Paige- again do it now - everything possible while you still have the Navy ins taking care of it.

Really this little nightmare that your living is a blessing if you consider if it all happened next year at this time =0)

Can we all get together and do a post retirement celebration?

cat said...

Wow, girl when it rains, it pours in your neck of the woods.

I know a little sumin-sumin about flat feet, my daughter also has it and had the surgery about 2 years ago.....she flew through it and I hope the same for you and yours.

But, the hubs thing, well I know nothing about, I only hope that he would've listen to you and got a head start on all this.

Goog luck and hang in there, your in my thoughts and prayers, don't forget about yourself while into all this other stuff, if your out of commssion, so is everyone and everything else.