Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Catching up...

Things around The Edge have been moving at a pretty fast rate. That doesn't help when there are things I NEED to put down here so all the nosy people can see what's going on.

Mama is home. Apparently, she's rocking the use of the walker and didn't require the stay in a re-hab facility for intense physical therapy. She'll have someone coming in to her home to do the therapy instead. She sounds great. What a relief that is. Every time I talk to her, she insists she's fine. She's moving slow to answer the phone, but she's managed to get to her computer so she can check her email and play a game or two. That'll heal her up quick.

I have a few things to write about, but chose one for this post (besides Mama). My girl, Paige, is just rocking the ROTC world. I can't get over how much she loves it and is just thriving in the environment that is military related. Which blows my mind, because she and I are so much alike and I ain't about authority. What.So.Ever. You try to tell me what to do and we're all gonna have us a big ol' laugh cuz it won't happen. Sorry, that's just my personality and how I roll.

She brought home a permission slip for us to sign for her to go for the weekend to Charleston with the ROTC. Girlfriend handed that paper to us and expected us to just sign it with no questions. You'd think she'd know better by now. I wanted to know who was going, how many chaperones, where would she be sleeping, where would boys be sleeping, etc etc. It was time for the eye roll then. The Man had business related stuff at the high school and he dropped in to visit the ROTC building and talk to the Commander about the field trip. He was reassured that there were chaperones and that it was a wonderful experience. Out of about 100 or so kids, 30 were chosen to be invited. Paige was one of them. After getting the facts, The Man decided that this was a good trip and it was okay that she go. Bad thing about his visit? The Commander and Master Chief invited him back to inspect "the troops" one Thursday. I flat out told him he could NOT do that to her. That was just wrong. Every time he thinks about maybe showing up to do an inspection? He gets all tickled and just laughs and laughs. Paige came home today and said she was glad that weekend trip was during Khaki Ball and our anniversary. They were wanting to invite The Man to go with them and Paige was like OH HECK NO. Can't say I blame her. She's not even open to a bonding experience with Dad.

I'm so proud of that girl of mine. She's so flippin' tired of me taking pictures every time she's in uniform, but I can't help it! My child...the one who is a fashion bug...and accessorizes like no one's business.....wearing a uniform. That's not even fashionable. Wow.

She's in this picture, but I'm not allowed to point her out. That girl was doing some serious marching!

Look at girlfriend looking all tough in her khakis. Dad gets to wear his ribbons with his khakis. There are two different types of khakis, you know. Whatever. I was just tickled to see the two of them in a similar uniform.

Got a few things about The Boy (who had his first therapist visit today) and Makenna (who had a great night last night!) I'm going to share with you very soon.


Get Off My Lawn! said...

more good news about your mom. Nice to hear she is recovering. One day, Paige might have to rule the world. Her military ROTC experience will come in handy then.

House of Hayes said...


Glad to know mama is home !! And KICKIN BUTT WITH THE WALKER :D Hopefully soon she won't need it at all ... I'll keep her in my prayers.


THE Paige said...


Guitar Woman said...

glad 2 hear ur mama's home. good news!

GO PAIGE! GO PAIGE! I love the pic of Paige and The Man in their khakis. 2 cute! The Man knows he's diggin' this ROTC thing.

Pikes Pickles said...

You look cute. You ought to be sooo proud of yourself!!(don't tell you Mom I said that)
I am so glad that your mom is having a quick recovery. Doesn't sound like shell let much keep her down.

Krys72599 said...

First and foremost, SOOOO glad your mama's doing well! She's been in my prayers. Somehow I think she "had" to be okay; she must be one strong lady to have you for a daughter, Miss Hope! After all, you didn't lick it off the grass!
And first and foremost (I couldn't say secondly 'cause it's as important as the first!), you do NOT look disgusting in those pictures, Miss Paige! You look happy and confident and in charge. Best to you in this new career! How wonderful for you to know what you want to do at such a young age - looking forward to watching you add some medals to your uniform!

Monogram Queen said...

Sounds great! I loved ROTC in HS even though it wasn't considered "cool". Whatever!

VERY glad to hear the good new about your precious Moma too!

I am Boymom said...

Great to hear you mom is home and doing well! I love the pics of Paige in uniform, especially next to Dad. Nothing sexier than a woman in uniform, Paige!! By the way, I love your glasses!

chelle said...

I'm so glad your mama is at home...that's the best place to get her back to 100%.

I'm with the lawn...Paige just might need to rule the world...or be the next "Palin"...look out:)

and look great!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Thats a wonderful blessing your moms back up and running! Hopefully she'll be 100% soon!

AND PAIGE~ WOW how cool is she! She looks like she could kick some serious butt!

Ok, I didn't wanna be too mushy but her and her Daddy's pic is ooohh so cute!