Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things I forgot

There are a couple of things that have slipped by without me giving proper notice to.

We took The Boy to the doctor Monday. This Mama was on a mission. I had my binder with all the information concerning his behaviour and teacher notes all nicely arranged under my arm. The Doc asked what the problem was and I flat out said...My baby doesn't talk well. He's having issues in class and here's what we're dealing with. Then I proceeded to whip my binder out and show him. NAVY people are all about paperwork and information and graphs and numbers and what have you. I was ready to impress. He read every single page while nodding. He spoke with The Boy for a few and agreed that may be he could use some help in the area of speech. Lungs were listened to and ears were checked. The Boy was glad to show off his ability to hop on one foot. I looked at the Doc and said....he's a beautiful healthy child who can't communicate. We are now waiting on the referral to get here so we can get some speech learning going on! This was week two of him seeing Miss Rose, his therapist/counselor for behaviour. He loves to visit her and play with all the toys in her office. She's wonderful with him and I'm pleased with how she interacts with him. Still waiting to see what her take on the situation is.

Last Tuesday evening Makenna was invited to participate in a group who spoke in front of the monthly board of education meeting here. The librarian at her school had a group of kids representing grades 1st-5th to tell what they believed knowledge to be in their own definition. The Man and I took her while Paige and The Boy stayed behind at home. It only lasted a few minutes and we were dismissed from the meeting (I kind of wanted to stay and see what it was all about!). We decided to surprise her and stop for coffee on the way home. She was allowed to pick out a piece of cake for the three of us to share. She also insisted that she wanted an iced coffee, but I knew she wouldn't drink it. (Of course, I got her a de-caf one!). It was nice to hang out with her and spoil her a little bit. She was tickled to death to be the center of attention. We try to do this once in a while with the kids so they keep feeling as special as we think they are. We were so proud of her standing up there in front of all those people. She spoke clearly and looked cute, too!

Busy weekend coming up here at The Edge. Paige is heading out of town early Saturday morning with the ROTC on her overnight field trip. Not too thrilled about it, but at least she'll be somewhat near family if something happens or goes wrong. They'll be able to get to her quicker than I could. I expect some picture text messages from her to let me know all is well. She's ten kinds of excited about spending the night on a carrier.

The Man and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary this Saturday (Yay us!) . Too bad I have to go to the Khaki Ball instead of celebrating. Oh well. At least I scored a manicure and pedicure out of the deal. And a new shirt to wear. I'll give more details on that later, I'm sure.

The diet is going well. I'm missing my snacks. I want my snacks.


Each child had a letter out of the word "knowledge". Makenna's was the letter "O" and every one picked on her and said it looked like an egg.

The Man read these words that our child had written and said it sounded alot like integrity to him. I think what she said was perfect and beautiful.


Pikes Pickles said...

What a busy week! You made me tired just reading it. Yeah for Vitt , it sounds like he is getting the help he needs. Yeah for you being all organized and impressive.
Makenna- what a great experience for her as well !

Deep breath.

and friend...did you say 5 years? GIrl - I think we have boatloads in common. With every post I read ...I like you more and more. Good enough to let my daughter call you her East COast mama.

C said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope you can find another time to celebrate your five years.

Anonymous said...

My you guys keep busy, I just wanted to say Happy Anniversary to you and Fred

Monogram Queen said...

I think it's great that you try to carve out time with each kid. Very important in my opinion!
Happy Early Anniversary!

Guitar Woman said...

Girl, u know I'm all impressed about a woman who's got her stuff 2gether...let's those dr.'s and such know they BETTER take us seriously! Sister, u now I'm all about some documentation myself. u and me r soooooo on the same wave lenth on this kinda stuff.

I'm sure Vitt will be just fine.....I have no doubt u'll c 2 that....cuz ur one of the "bestest" mama's I know! Mak is so pretty! How dare they crack on her "Easter egg!"

EARLY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, HOPE & FRED!!! Best wishes 4 MANY more! Love u, miss u, mean it!!