Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Time

This past Saturday found Carla, Dulcie, and me doing some shopping. Not serious shopping, mind you. I tagged along to get out of the house and ended up with a few good things because I smart shop. We didn't hit too many places because it was just so dang crowded where we went. It was decided that from now on, we would go on a week day in order to find a parking place and to be able to see more stores. As it was, we only hit three places. Four if you count where we ate.

Ahhh...where we ate. What good food this turned out to be. I am pretty sure we'll head back to this place as there were other things we need to try on the menu. As we were sitting there, I found myself humming along with the music playing over head. 80's music? Awesome! Dulcie and I had to sing along with "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince at one point. I got to thinking then. Right now, my age group is considered the major consumers in this country. We're the 35-45 age group with kids, mortgages, hopefully good jobs, and are established with our fannies firmly planted in the job chair of our choice. I guess that means we get to hear "our" music when out and about shopping. Is it supposed to take us back to that time in our lives where we were care and free? Because I'm here to tell you. I didn't have money back then. I worked, but that money bought my lunch at school, put gas in my car, and paid for my weekend. I guess hearing the Memory Music is a reward for making it this far in life.

My next thought after thinking about this and sending a text to my email so I wouldn't forget to mention this?

What are we going to do in twenty years when we have to listen to my oldest daughter's music? I can hardly stomach most of it now.

I just know I want to be around so I can go in public with her and her kids and watch them get ten kinds of embarrassed because their Mama is doing a small chair dance while waiting on food to get to the table.

Quick note about Mama. She is home and doing well. I speak with her every day and she sounds wonderful. I find myself wanting to call her over every little thing that happens or that I think of. Kind of how I was when I first moved here...away from her. I have to stop because it'll end up getting all over her nerves eventually. That's just my Mama, Internets. Those couple of days I couldn't call and talk to her were very hard for me. I kept thinking.....there will come a time when I won't be able to call her. I'm just not ready for that. Me and God are square. He knows how I feel because I sure talked to Him enough about it.

P.S. I'm still ticked about the gas issue.


Krys72599 said...

Glad to hear Mama's doing well, and that you're doing well with Mama doing well...
And about that gas issue...
Before we left for the lake I forgot to fill up at Costco, the cheapest gas around at $3.25/gallon. That ticked me off 'cause I knew I'd have to fill up over the weekend. So I did, at what I thought would be the cheapest I'd see: $3.31/gallon.
Then, on the way to my all day crop on Saturday, I saw $3.25/gallon - at 9am.
At 7:30 pm this same gas station was $3.47/gallon.
That's a $.24 increase in one day!
That's obscene! That's nothing but highway robbery. Literally!!!
And it's just starting - Hurricane Ike is being blamed for the price increase: because 14 of the however many refineries were damaged? Give me a break! They had a combined capacity of 3.9 million barrels of crude per day - less than 6% of global capacity. And they jacked the prices up like that???
Come on. This is ridiculous - some of those prices went up *in anticipation of the damage." Why are they raising the prices of gas "they already purchased at lower prices?" The stuff we're pumping into our cars is *already paid for." It was NOT affected by Ike. Why should our prices be?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your Mama is doing well. I took my brother to Mayport last night and gas was cheaper on base there than anywhere here I've seen. It's crazy since Florida is usually higher than here. Mom and I watched it go up fifty cents on base in just a matter of hours, it's insane.

Monogram Queen said...

So glad to know your Mamma is doing well.
I love hearing "my music" too!!! Go Prince!

I haven't even peeped at gas prices because my head would probably explode!

chelle said...

Glad mama is doing well..

I love all the feeling, smells and what have you that music can bring you back too!

All about the 70's and 80's don't care anything for todays music

Guitar Woman said...

Glad ur mama is doing good. I know I've said this 2 u b4, but I have 2 repeat myself. U have truly been blessed with good, Christian parents. I know ur thankful.....just a reminder from me, ur jealous friend. I know God has His reasons 4 giving us the parents He does, and I know I wouldn't be the person I am today if my circumstances had been different. But I have always envied ur relationship with ur mama. She has set a good example 4 us. I hope 2 be as good a mama 2 my girls as I can when they're grown they'll talk about me the way u talk about her. (grin.)

About the gas thing: OMG!!! This situation is absolutely ridiculous and outta control. I heard Hemingway topped out at $5.50/gal. over the weekend. That's just insane!!!

About the music: ahhhhh, those 80's tunes. girl, u know I'm with u on that!! U know if I was there I'd be singin' and bobbin' my head & neck right along witcha, girl! "Take me back 2 the good ole days!" I think I feel a "Judds" tune comin' on. (snicker.)

AndreaLeigh said...

So glad your mother is better!

Gas is $4.09 here today... sheesh!

Pikes Pickles said...

SO glad that your Mother is doing better.

I agree a song can come on the radio and you are transported to the time and place that you heard it long ago.

Are things settling down on the edge? I guess if they did you would have to up and rename your blog though, huh?

House of Hayes said...

GOOD TIMES :) I must say I was heart broken to NOT indulge in the Cheesecake Factory but my little key lime hit the spot :)
Glad I could be there with ya to sing a few lines..LOL
I am scared now to do anything for I may be blogged about..Gotta make a T now ... :P

Glad we could spend the day together!
It was fun as always...!! And I am glad mama is getting along much better now.

Williams Family said...

I have a few friends who would run at an armadillo for me (Atleast I think they would!) They saved my drunk butt from going in shark and Jellyfish infested waters once so I would hope an armadillo wouldn't bug them to much!

As I am new to the edge I haven't read mych about your momma but I completely feel the bond radiating from your post! And I think it is funny you should mention calling momma!! I call my momma on a very regular basis just to chat and see how she is doing (She broke her ankle and has had 2 surgeries to repair it.) Every now and then I find myself apologizing for something I did when I was younger, because by no means was I an easy child(slightly rebellious!) Because one of my friends tween's (or teens) tried to pull that same stunt over there momma LOL! It is funny how we all pretty much come full circle like that and that no matter how hard we try not to become our mothers we always wind up coming back with the best parts of them in the end!! At least I like to think we do!! And hopefully one day my daughters will look back and reflect on there lives and call me regularly to apologize for something they think I didn't know they did!!