Monday, September 01, 2008


My oldest child has decided she wants to try blogging again. She's been waiting some what patiently for me to link to her and I've been waiting to see if she would continue doing it before I put up said link. We're at a stalemate.

If you get a chance, please go visit my child and give her some love. Be warned. She's just like her Mama. And you might need an interpreter to understand all the "teen language". Let me know if you have troubles understanding. I'll have her translate for you.

Welcome to my world Headache from the Edge. I love you, Baby Girl.


chelle said...

I've had her up...she just hasn't said anything...looking forward to reading about your everyday adventures....

Pikes Pickles said...

Okay woman to woman here. You are now living my biggest fear. DO you realize that she could publicly humilate you for all of your friends and family to see with a few strokes of the keyboard.

Tread lightly. Its scary out here.

LOL. Love ya both.

I better be seeing both of you at my blog for the giveaways this week =0)Cmon - its therapy for me.

Lishak said...

Okay, I visited, left a comment, and added her blog to my reader. Should be interesting!

Monogram Queen said...

She had me at "shweet"!!! LOL

OneHungMan said...

Is OneHung allowed to visit? She considers him a celebrity and all, and it might not be a good idea. But the two share a birthday, so there is a bond.

OHM will let Mama decide.