Friday, September 12, 2008

Are you kidding me?

What is up with this control over gas? I find out this morning that it's being jacked out of the roof again and if I don't want to pay TWO arms and TWO legs, then I better get to the nearest gas station? Argh. This drives me crazy. I called Neighbor Debbie (who owns "The Mav" (a suburban)) and told her to put some shoes on, we were heading on base to the gas station. We did and got gas at a semi decent price. With no limitations or restrictions. Gall dangit. I just get so bent out of shape over the whole deal.

I think I'm gonna call a guy back home I know who makes his own ripple...uh wine...and tell him to crank up production. The stuff he makes should be able to run vehicles no problem. Jeesh.

I went to get my hair did on base and on the way home, I saw the lines at the gas station on base. LINES. Gawd. At least it was still at the price I paid around 8 a.m. this morning.

Want to know what ticks me off the most? Back home I was told there's no gas to be found in the small town I'm from. Bags are covering the nozzles to show how bad it is. Guess what I found out?* The owner's of these stores have gas, they're just saying that they don't so when the gas trucks deliver today, they can charge a MUCH higher price. That makes me just beyond pissed off. Why aren't these people reported? They never run out of gas like this and to want to squeeze the crap out of the people who live in that small town and support them with their business? I want a front row seat with popcorn on Judgement Day is all I'm gonna say right now.

So, I guess we all need to "Fill 'er up!" by close of business day today, Internets. Man, sometimes I would love to flip off the fat cats living off of our misery.

*This is a rumor. But, I know some of these people and believing this story is not a stretch for me. Those of you back home reading this can verify it I'm sure. Just ask the right people.


Pikes Pickles said...

Guess I better follow suit and head to teh base and get some gas. I have been riding on 1/4 tank for the past few days hoping that my ship will come in (I mean oil tanker) . Uggg. I am really over it. Its so depressing.

cat said...

That is ssssooooooo WRONG!

Gurl, I'm going through the same thing up here in Indiana.

The gov. did a survey on the
state(s) with the highest gas prices and Indiana was among the highest. That is JUST WRONG!

I seen your post of the R.O.T.C. pic. how proud you must be. That girl has become everything I hope that my girl becomes. STRONG and TRUE! (red, white and blue).

You just have to be proud as all get out! Tell her I said, "keep. keepin' ON"!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I was just watching the news and they had "Snake" on there charging $5.59!!!!! They were talking about price gouging and sent a crew there and filmed his station! Bet he feels like a "snake" now, LOL!!!
Love ya, Crystie

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

I got the call last night when I was at half a tank and on 85. A g/f of mine said did you fill up? I was like, What the schmell kind of question is that? And she said gas will be over $5 in the morning. I turned off to come on back to Clemson- this was around 9pm last night and there were lines of people at some gas stations and some RaceTracs had all bags all over the pumps!
Wouldn't you know SC would make stoooopid news! On CNN today there we were, freakin the US out!

So knowing all this...I filled up, LOL!

When ever your ready to scream, let me know I'll be out there with you! Just freakin ridicules!

Debbie said...

Well Hope darlin, I went to the Mini Mart this morning around 8 and the price is up to 3.00 per gal here on base. I put 30.00 in the honda and it didnt even fill it up!! Glad I filled up the MAV yesterday when you had my back ;) I'm about ready to buy a horse and get rid of the MAV. I'm sure that hay prices are much cheaper that this gas carp. Now where did I put my boots?


Monogram Queen said...

Me too and I got gas Thursday morning on a whim - so glad I did! Gougers MAKE ME SICK.

Heidi said...

I am with you. I guess I wasn't thinking about the prices going to go up and when I saw them I was shocked. I drove around, (wasting precious gas) to try to find somewhere cheaper. The best I got was $4.15! Holy Smokes!

C said...

That's ridiculous! I was in Tacoma yesterday and saw gas for $3.69. It's running about $3.75 here in town.