Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A health kick has started over here on The Edge. It has finally gotten through my thick skull that some diet and exercise are a must for Miss Hope. Thanks to Carla, who has put her foot down and gotten me all psyched up about it, there are four of us trying to make a difference in our lives.

Morning time finds us walking. Carla and Dulcie are walking in their neighborhood, while Neighbor Debbie and I walk here in ours. We get the kids off to school and lace up the shoes and head out. No choice on that. If we don't walk first thing? It's hotter than eggs frying in a cast iron skillet past 10 a.m. Add in the liquid air we call humidity and we'd do more crawling than walking.

This morning Neighbor Debbie and I headed out. I had a couple of fans (we had gotten from a parade) in the Hoe and we used those gently fan ourselves and convince bugs we weren't interested in a closer relationship. We were almost back to the house when to our right, what did we see?

An armadillo!

I still have problems wrapping my mind around the fact that we have those here in southeast Georgia.

There it was in all it's glory, ambling along in an open space. I've seen them smooshed on the road and a few from my vehicle, but never one this close.

I said to Neighbor Debbie...."Hey, Debbie! Don't those things roll up in a ball when threatened? How about run at it and see if it does!"

Gall dang if she didn't do it. She took off from the path and was flailing her arms (with a fan in one hand), hollering at that armadillo like no body's business.

The sucker took off running. Dangit.

There I stood with my mouth hanging open. She came back up to the path and we started walking. About five steps later, I had to stop and bend over I was laughing so hard at the fact THAT SHE RAN AT THE ARMADILLO. I told her.."I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU RAN AT THAT THING!!"

Now that's friendship for you. Yep. That's the kind of home-girls I got going on here. You ask them to run at an armadillo to see if it will curl up in a ball...and they do it.

Walking just took on a whole new side of fun.


Anonymous said...

Armadillos are such funny little things, until Sadie we had some that lived in the back yard. Glad you all are walking, I'm going to start back to mine once my knee/leg goes back to normal size.

Monogram Queen said...

Hey they say you'll stick with excercise - if you make it interesting and I don't think you can get MUCH more interesting than that!!! LOL I would have loved to have seen that - but I sorta did - through "your eyes"!!!

Pikes Pickles said...

I am soooo jealous. I want to go on morning walks with you. It is a regular occurance here in san Diego that I fling open the back door and run flailing my arms and screaming some kind of death warble at the coyotes when then come round. I want them to think. " Dang someone weird lives there dont mess with her kids."

Kristi said...

An Armadillo? That would be cool to see one in real life. We have oppossums here and those things are so nasty ugly. ewwww! Sounds like a fun walking group though.

Guitar Woman said...

Armadillos? That's one "critter" I'm glad we don't have back here in SC. Glad 2 hear u got a walking buddy. Makes me have flashbacks to our aerobics days......remember when we were in pretty dang good shape but still not at our goal? Now that OLD me is my NEW goal. Girl, we didn't know how good we looked then, did we? snicker.

I still have "aerobics flashbacks" in the grocery store now and then. They'll play some old songs and I find it hard to refrain from "bustin' a move" right in the middle of the grocery store......just like we used to do with Richard Simmons on "Sweatin' to the Oldies." Girl, it would KILL us if we tried to do those workouts now! I gotta start getting some exercise again myself. HAPPY TRAILS, my friend!

I am Boymom said...

Yay for you for starting the exercise thing! I'm glad you have someone fun to walk with, your frind sounds like a hoot! I was laughing just reading about her trying to get the armadillo to roll. So funny! Good luck, I am with you in spirit, I have given up soda for a whole 10 days now! Small changes, Miss Hope. Maybe next month I'll start walking.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Try taking a run at a postal worker. They're jumpy as it is. I wonder if they'd run or curl up into a ball.

House of Hayes said...

We Must We Must We Must INCREASE OUR BUST..LOL Ok..well I don't need too.. BUT :) I would love to share some with others in need :D

It has been an adventure here on the SUNNYSIDE ... I am glad that we are doing something and getting healthy TOGETHER :) It is going to be an adventure for sure.

HUGS! See ya in the AM

Michelle said...

we are doing the same thing here...luckily? the weather is so nice right now...we are loving fact I'm fixin to go ride the bike for 2 1/2 miles now...I can't stand it when its too hot either:)

Good luck to ya'll...and to "ya'll"...Hope can do this...we did it together years ago...stick with it ya

Anonymous said...

NOW - I'm crying. That must have been quite a sight to see, indeed!