Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A little says alot

In the mornings, Miss Hope isn't the best of spirits to be around. I've stated before that I am not a morning person and my family has reconciled themselves to the fact that I won't be changing any time soon.

Some times I iron the next day's clothes the night before. Other times, I end up doing it in the mornings. It's a mood thing, you understand.

This morning found me ironing Kenna and The Boy's clothes. I hollered for Kenna to come get her clothes and get dressed. She proceeded to do so while I finished up The Boy's outfit. As I was finishing up, I told her to go ahead and go get a piece of ribbon, hair brush, and comb so I could fix her hair when I was done.

Out came the tween. Hands went to her hips and she said, "Why are you always about a piece of ribbon in my hair????"

Out came the Mama. Hands went to my hips and I replied, " Because when you walk into that school with your hair fixed, people know you are being taken care of. When you are clean and your hair shows some effort has been taken? Then they know that there is someone at home with you who loves you and cares for you. They know that you are being taught hygiene and how to take pride in how you look to the world."

In a quiet voice, she said, "All that in a piece of ribbon?"

I replied, "All of that in a piece of ribbon."

When I came around the corner, she was waiting for me with a brush, a comb.....and a piece of ribbon.


Monogram Queen said...

Oh god I am in bi-i-i-i g trouble. I leave before Stacy and sometimes Maddie isn't up yet (most times). Fortunately her teacher knows this!

Pikes Pickles said...

This is priceless. Oh the many lessons along the way. If they would only get that we KNOW what we are talking about. LOL

chelle said...

Way to teach em' Hope!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Ok, well I picked up Alex the other day and he was wearing his "comfortable pants" These pants look like regular boy pants, they don't hang off his butt and have pockets down the side, nice blue jeans...until he turns around..the heals have been drug off and then cut! I almost died when I found out he wore them to school, which by the way he's fine with!
I am waiting to get a call from the school for dressing my child like a hobo!

Oh Boy!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Hope I forgot to ask, how does the hurricane look your way? Are you going to be bothered by it?

I'm not worried yet, maybe no football but we'll see.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

That's a lot of pressure to put on a poor little ribbon. Are you providing all the support and encouragement to the ribbon so that it is able to bear the burden of carrying your family's honour? I would hate to see the ribbon's therapy bills.

Miss Hope said...

Lawn, the ribbon has many supporters. Bags and bags. Different colors. Different widths. Different lengths. It's a very diverse bunch.

Denise said...

You iron your kids' clothes? And tie ribbons in their hair? You're already twice the mom I am.

I did just get a new iron, since my old one was almost 20 years old and had unidentified goop on the bottom. Woohoo! Maybe I'll break it out and actually press something! You've inspired me. But not in the morning.

I am Boymom said...

i had the same conversation with my oldest son about wearing clean clothes! You're good, I just throw the wrinkled clothes in the dryer, except for Sunday. I actually iron Sunday clothes. But that's it. I have to draw the line somewhere!

Anonymous said...

"All that in a piece of ribbon!" Good lesson for more than just the kiddos too considering the way a lot of children look when I arrive at school for my volunteer work. Job Well Done, Mom!