Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boo, Ya'll

See that ultra cool pumpkin? That particular pumpkin belongs on a long sleeve shirt of mine. I've had this shirt for ...three years, I believe. I have not been able to wear it because it's too hot this time of year. For some reason, we are having some cool-ish weather the past few days. I totally dug it out today to wear because I fear it might be 90 degrees again tomorrow. AND......if I'm feeling froggy enough? I might just wash it and wear it again trick or treatin'. Be safe as you're out and about on Halloween night.


Lishak said...

I saw your shirt today. Totally cute!

Michelle said...

Leave it to you to correct "the system" :) :) :) does sound dumb!

Love the shirt...wear it as much as you can...I'm like you...not fooled by this very cold weather here...I can't remember the last time we had to wear long sleeves under costumes...glad we will be doing it at the beach mall this year...have a safe one and may you rack up on some chocolate ( that none of us need:) )

Have fun with "the fun-work" Paige....