Sunday, October 05, 2008

Let's do some "catch-up", shall we?

I apologize to you, Internets. I didn't realize I had let days slipped by me like it did. It seemed like my life kicked into fifth gear after Wednesday got over with.

I am just adoring my Thursday morning program at the Chapel on base. Neighbor Debbie kicked in and let her creative brain juices flow, and we got great ideas just rolling. I have to be honest here...I'm just not crafty. I can do crafts and I do okay decorating (everyone's house but my own!), but to come with a project on my own? I have a seriously hard time doing that. I've stated to everyone from the moment I took it over that I have the voice and not the creative brain. Thank goodness I got friends who'll kick in and help a sister out. I got to meet with the new Command Chaplain last week and had a small meeting with him. He now knows my belief and passion and need for this program. Let's just hope and pray he sees fit to keep it going.
Friday morning found me headed to JAX (Jacksonville, Florida) to do some shopping with Judy and Neighbor Debbie. We all three had missions that involved Joanne's Fabrics. I needed more yarn to finish my son's afghan I'm crocheting. Didn't I tell you about that? Well, it's a work of love, lemme tell you. Worthy of it's own blog post if I ever get it finished. We grabbed lunch and made another stop at a favorite store before rushing home to get kids from school.

Friday evening found my family and I at Carla's house celebrating Braden's birthday! That boy scored some really nice stuff, for sure. Since we've been dieting, the sweets have become non-existent. Suffice it to say the birthday cake was amazing, but had the power to make us SICK. Whew. It was a great evening of hanging out and letting the kids play. Been missing doing that.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early because there's was a festival downtown. That Paige had to march in. Otherwise? Miss Hope would have been in her gown most of the day. Dulcie is my partner in crime when it comes to festivals and such. We love to walk and look and see what the vendors have to offer. The smells of all different kinds of foods is amazing and we always run into people we know. Vladi, Jaime (with my baby Jordan), and Nicole were there and we all stood together so we could holler at Paige as she passed by. Our goal and aim was to distract her and see if she'd lose her step. We succeeded. High fives all around. Yeah, we're evil, but it was fun. This took up a major portion of our day and housework prevailed when we got home.

Chalk up today as a church day. We've found a church we're really enjoying. That's saying alot since we've been here two years. The kids love it. We're meeting lots of people. We'll see how it goes. I got a really good feeling about it, though.

See how busy I can get?

I FORGOT TO TELL YOU. About that gym. Lord have mercy. On my thighs. I promise you, my thighs disowned me for about three days. It hurt to walk. It hurt to sit. It hurt to get up. It just flat out hurt. No pain, no gain. I'm not giving up, but I'm steering clear of that elliptical machine from Hades for a little while longer. Mercy. I've taken so much back & body pain meds it's not even funny. My muscles were nothing but HUGE knots for days. Oh, the agony.

Now, I'm going to share a few pictures with you from the past few days. I do so adore my handy dandy camera phone.

This was our project last Thursday. 6 inch clay pots painted like candy corn to make candy dishes. I love how all my ladies show their creative sides in everything we do. I think that's mine on the far right side.

Ainsley (Carla's), Erinlee (Dulcie's) and Makenna (mine!) at the festival. The guys were doing a potty break and we decided to take a quick picture. How pretty are these girls?!?

I have no idea who these Nut Heads are with the stylish shades.

We managed to get a picture with The Boy to prove he was there, too.

Now another week begins. There's a trip to South Carolina in the works for the end of the week. I need to lay my eyes on my Mama. There's a few friends I need to hug while I'm at it. My heart's been missing them lately.


Pikes Pickles said...

Ohh I am so glad you get to go back to SC - I know that yo uwere excited about that.

I am loving all of these cute pictures. Looks like so much fun and I LOVE the clay pots. I am so not crafty but I might enjoy giving them a try.

It was great talking to you last week. I really enjoyed it!

House of Hayes said...

I don't know who those chicks are in the sunglasses but I think I would hang out with them!!

And those kids...Makes me want to pinch some cheeks :)

I am glad that we made THE PAIGE miss some steps but she did correct and get back into it when she got past us...*fun stuff*

I am looking forward to the Red Neck parade again this year...I just hope that they have it again...and I wonder if the chicks in bikini's will brave it again?!?!

Lishak said...

Ooooh fun! I haven't been to a festival in a long time. It looks like y'all had a great time!
Those pots look really good! So festive! I'm counting down til I can rejoin you guys there.
Have a safe trip up here. Enjoy visiting with your family!

Anonymous said...

Man I always forget about the festivals. I'm so going to miss the crafts while i'm in training at the new place. Great pictures. Oh and I'm back to my cake making 7 weeks post op- yay!

Anonymous said...

Miss Hope: I'm LOVIN' the clay pots!

That looks like a cute idea for teacher gifts for my boys.


Heidi Zawisza said...

Ha! You're funny!! I will definitely be back! Thanks for stopping by and entering the giveaway...and if you win, of course I can do U.S.Navy!! Your wish will be my command! LOL!
Good luck!

AndreaLeigh said...

Love the clay pots! What a wonderful thing you are doing there at the chapel. :) Thanks for sharing the pics!

Anonymous said...

You're crocheting an afghan and call yourself "not crafty"? Woman please!!! I'd love to see it when you get it done. Love those clay pots. I gotta drag my behind down there one of these days and do some serious socializing and about those two chicas in the shades? I'd hang with 'em any day.

Monogram Queen said...

"Since we've been dieting, the sweets have become non-existent. Suffice it to say the birthday cake was amazing, but had the power to make us SICK."

the day that happens for me the sky will fall and mountains will crumble! LOL

Oooh I loves me a festival! Can't wait for the Sweet Potato this week-end and Maddie will be dancing at 10:45-11:00 I will post it on my blog too.

When you coming to SC ???

Monogram Queen said...

Oh and I made it to the Christmas Parade in Barrineau once (nice) and The Neck Parade once - incomparable! The only parade I ever saw a drunk Santa waving the rebel flag. Yep!