Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What will it take?

I am seriously going to lose my mind with this 9 year old I have.

You tell her to go do something and on her way, she forgets what she was going to do.

I did a massive folding of clothes this morning. I fold, everyone else puts up.

I tell her to start putting up.

What does she do?

Find two fuzzy house socks that didn't have partners, put them on, then had to see how well they slid across the tile floor.

Clothes forgotten.


If we get out of here on time tomorrow afternoon to head to South Carolina, it'll be a flat out miracle.


Monogram Queen said...

You will, you will. Home is calling you!

Michelle said...

Can't wait to see you....don't forget the bows...I have Vitt some things too:)

Pikes Pickles said...

Good luck. SPray a little floor cleaner on those fuzzy socks and let her skate her way to a clean floor. What? Thats how I do it.

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

My cousin and I took two and a half bottles of baby powder and scattered it on my moms old wood floor (33'X12') in her living room, so we could skate. My mom didnt freak she just made us clean it til we had blisters. The last count I had was 6 times mopped and swept! Not to mention all the ducting we had to do!!!UGH!! Oh and by the way, baby powder and old wood floors dont mix, lol! So I cant understand your little one, sometimes you just have to skate!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

*dusting lmbo not ducting ha!!

Heidi said...

You are not giving me hope that my 6 year old will grow out of that stage before 9. Why did you insist on squashing my dream?

Lishak said...

lol...I think all of us has had a selective memory in our childhood!

Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh the things that distract children - LOL.

Jill AKA busymom said...

Becca is the same...The Deac can't deal with it. My phone rings...Hello I say..I can't take it anymore Deac says. Take what? His story....I told Becca to set the table, and she went to the dishwasher to get the clean plates, unloaded the dishwasher and went back to her room without setting the table!!!!

My have to keep telling her to stay focused! How is this kid going to make it in the real world?