Friday, October 24, 2008


Ready for the weekend, Internets? I'm not so sure I am. Tomorrow is shaping up to be right busy for us here at The Edge. Birthday parties, golf lessons, teen get togethers. It's all good, I suppose. The kids are busy and maybe that means The Boy will sleep well tomorrow night. One can hope.

The medication isn't working. At all. ~sigh~ I really wanted to be able to come on here and say we had a "TA-DA!" moment. We didn't. The lowest dose didn't touch my boy at all.

I spoke with my Mama Tuesday evening and she wanted to know how things are going. I said...."Mama, you ever watch those nature shows where they use those dart gun tranquilizers on elephants?" She laughed and said yes. I said..."Well, my baby didn't even stagger. We're gonna need more darts for his butt." Not the greatest analogy, but I bet the majority of you can relate and understand exactly what I meant. I did the right thing and waited to see how he would do in class. Miss K. was sad to say it wasn't different at school, either. Well, shoot.

I put a call in to the doctor yesterday and never heard back from them. That kind of ticked me off since I called as soon as their answering machine was turned off. I wanted to give the doctor a full day to get back to me. Of course, I shall call back this morning and crank up my Southern saccharine accent. Those who know me are scared when I go into a deep Southern accent. I am ticked off by that point and enunciate every.single.syllable. Scarlett O' Hara has nothing on Miss Hope when she goes into this mode. This is my baby we're dealing with here, man.

I've also received a few phone calls and emails about a new thing out on the market. Women's World magazine this week has an article in it about a child with issues. The mother tried this belt and it worked wonders! You can be skeptical about this but let me tell you my experience thus far. Stef of Pike's Pickles fame took time out of her busy schedule one day to talk with me about occupational therapy and such. She's got loads of experience in this area, you see. She told me to do some deep tissue massage on The Boy when he's really out of control. The speech therapist who evaluated him had told me to do the same thing. It works more than it doesn't. I can tell you with honesty that he's had a few situations where I've started rubbing his back hard (where I feel like my fingers will break) or massaging his arms and he's immediately calmed down. It hasn't solved any problems, but it helps him calm down and find his focus. While at the Doctor on Monday, without thinking, when he started getting really out of control? I leaned him over my lap and started some deep tissue rubbing on his back and he calmed down. Sure, the doctor noticed and said that he's seen that work and even approved it.

I can't be there with him constantly to do this.

Enter this belt everyone has been telling me about. I'm thinking there might be something to it. If you have kids who don't have issues like this, then it won't interest you. I do ask you do a teeny tiny bit of research and reading. You WILL meet someone one day who might benefit from a little bit of knowledge you might have.

Speaking of knowledge. A very dear blogging friend out in Internet Land has squeezed my heart. Within hours of posting the diagnosis, I had an email waiting to tell me books were on the way. She works at a publishing company that publishes books on this subject. I called to thank her and heard her voice for the first time! How blessed am I? She refuses to let me pay for this generous gift of over a dozen books. We've started receiving them and The Man has settled in to do some serious reading. I'll do the same, but he gets first pick. He needs the data cause that's how he rolls. I feel like I have my own personal angel helping me look out for my baby. I don't want to put her name out here, because I don't want her bombarded with requests for free books. If you want? I'll post when we're done with one, and I'll be more than happy to pass mine on. Thank you so much, my friend. You're an amazing person to do this for The Boy.

I guess this means we haven't taken any steps forward, but no steps back either. We're standing in one place waiting to see which way to go from here. I knew it would be a long shot to get it right the first go round. I'm just a little on the tired side of it all. I'm more concerned about my baby and helping him make it in this world and be the very best he can be.

This is not going to turn into a blog dedicated to one subject. It's just a dominant subject in my world right now. I may have to start another blanket so I'll have something else to focus on. How'd you like that? Thanks for the comments. I wasn't expecting all that! I am right proud of finishing something so big and it being loved so much. I needed that sense of accomplishment, I believe. We did a cute project at Crafts and Conversations this week. I'll try to post some pictures this weekend and share with you.

It's raining here. A perfect day to sit inside with my coffee, laptop, and HGTV. Yep. I'll be heading off to get dressed now since I got places to go and people to see.

Be sure to get your costume together for Halloween this weekend. I got mine. Stock up on your candy, too. And NOT THE CHEAP KIND!!! Nothing sucks worse than getting home and your kid has a bag full of cheap stuff. Throw in another dollar and get some chocolate, people.


Monogram Queen said...

I am amazed and awed and also humbled by your love and dedication to your boy. It does my heart good and maybe I can pass along your info to someone else who may need it. I am blessed that I don't and I realize that.

Oh and I always give Chocolate, never any candy I wouldn't want myself! My rule of thumb!

Anonymous said...

Since you didn't post my name this time, I won't either, but you're so very welcome for those books, Miss Hope!
We all wished for that lowest dosage to work, but it'll be worth the wait when they find the right one 'cause your Boy will be at the start of a whole new life!!!
We're all pulling for you!!!

Williams Family said...

I am sorry the low dose does not seem to be working!! I would do a search for the med and see how long it typically takes to get into his system and actually get results! That way you aren't jumping to conclusions and raising the dose before it needs to be!!

I don't hand out chocolate but I do hand out good candy (a couple of years ago I handed out fun dip with 3 sugar pouches and 2 dipping sticks LOL)

Joe and Samantha said...

No No.. don't always get chocolate.
I'm allergic and used to hate coming home with a bag FULL of it.

Have one of each for every bag! That's what we do!

Guitar Woman said...

Sorry the meds aren't working yet. Just stick with it. U and the doc will get it adjusted. The next med. adjustment may just do the trick. Just hang in there!

When Vitt gets to the place where he has homework, I'll share some tips that the counseller told me to try with Sarah (too much 2 type.) They really helped her, and most of it was just simple stuff.

The first counseller Sarah had didn't help her that much, but the second one was GREAT! We'll have to compare notes on the phone sometime to see if u get the same info. I did on all the do's & don'ts with ADHD. Remind me!