Monday, October 06, 2008

Too Soon

The Boy and I have this thing. This thing where I say, "That's my baby!". He will then promptly reply, "That's my Mama!" It's a good thing we have, The Boy and I.

In fact, this morning on the way to school, we did our thing. My heart was warmed as I sent him off to a day full of PreK fun.

A short while ago, he was fussing with Makenna over something seen on the television. He came up to me and proclaimed that I must tell her she was wrong. I did. He then grabbed my chin to turn to him and told me to tell her he was right. I did.

He was a tad disgruntled and I asked him if he needed me to rock him like a baby to make him feel better. He then exclaimed that he wasn't a BABY!

I was allowed to rock him for a short minute. I started singing this nonsense song where I talk about rocking my baby. He quickly informed me I was to call him "KID". I was reminded of this at least six times while trying to sing my song.

Somehow, "KID" doesn't fit into the "Rockin' my Baby" song I've sung for the last four years and six months.

I think I'm sad.


Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Awe sending you a hug, today! The only advice I can give you is to take lots of pics and celebrate the new stages!
Much peace to ya!

Pikes Pickles said...

so sorry. Its the end of and era. No matter how tight you hold on they still seem to grow up - its a bummer like that. I KNOW>

Kristi said...

This gets me all choked up. They grow up so fast...Every time I have to pack away clothes the boys have grown out of, I get sad because it is just flyin by. I'm trying to enjoy the moments as much as I can. Even though I feel like pulling my hair out most of the days. :)

Anonymous said...

They grow up too fast for our hearts sometimes. I have to tell HRH it doesn't matter what she says - long after she's grown with children of her own and no matter if she's 103 - she'll always be MY baby. She was okay with that. (go figure)

Monogram Queen said...

Oh honey he'll forget and go back to being your baby a little while longer. Mine goes through that too!

Denise said...

I keep having "lasts". Some are good (last time I'll change a diaper) and some are sad (last time we'll use the crib). It is sad when the baby of the family is no longer a baby. I'm loving watching my youngest grow, but it's hard to give up her babyhood. ((hugs))