Monday, March 16, 2009

Too slow

I have seriously got to post more. I get too backlogged when I put off my thoughts and happenings around The Edge for more than 3 days.

I'll do a Boy post today to get him all caught up and do the other tomorrow. Chelle fusses at me when I do a long post-she says she has to put it to the side until she can find more than five minutes to focus. Therefore, I'll break 'em down a little bit more so she can speed read and call it good!

Guess who started T-Ball last week!?! You guessed it! That Man and that Boy are two ball playing guys now. The Man is coaching a bunch of energetic 4 and 5 year olds like a pro. When the director asked what team he wanted, The Man replied, "I don't care as long as it's GREEN!" Each Tuesday and Thursday evening from 5-6 p.m., they head out the door with ball caps on and bug spray applied. My baby is so very serious about it all and I just want to scoop him up and kiss him to death when he gets home and tells me all the cool and wonderful things they did. I haven't been to the practices yet because of other stuff going on, but you can bet your fanny I'll be there for the games calling my baby's name!

This was after the very first practice. My baby ate himself a HUGE meal, brushed his teeth and called it a night. I'm thinking I might like this baseball deal...

This guy here is ready for some serious ball playing, People! (Note: We at The Edge do not support the number referenced on the ball cap. This is hand me down that is well loved. We don't mind the driver-we're just not supporters of his. Thank you.)

The Man is teaching the all important "Go Team!" huddle that is required of all teams in order to promote the opportunity to holler without getting in trouble and touch and spread loads of germs!

Nothing better than a Coach who leads by example. He led the line running the bases. I bet it looked like the Pied Piper!

The Boy worked really hard to earn his reward last week. He had to have all his stickers every single day in order to get what he has been wanting for a very long time. Has, in fact, begged for repeatedly. Want know what he scored for all his trouble?

That's right! Bowling! My child adores this game to the highest degree. We made it a family afternoon and off we went to the base bowling alley. It was right crowded when we first got there and we had to wait about 30 minutes for a lane. That just built the anticipation up even more for The Boy. While sitting there, I heard a kid yell. It was a kid from the baseball team. He was thrilled to see his Coach and had to give him a hug. God bless my husband for returning affection and giving him a couple of minutes of undivided attention. That kid was so happy he was telling everyone his Coach was there!

I was sitting there when I saw someone walking towards me. I really didn't know who it was but smiled and spoke when she did (this happens to me quite frequently). When she reached our table, I realized it was the kids' doctor!!! Oh, wow. What a difference civilian clothes make! Instead of the khaki uniform and hair in a bun, we saw long hair and jeans! She just wanted to speak and see if everyone was doing okay. We chatted about 10 minutes about any and all. I thought it was great of her to come speak and show the side that is not the military member. She's a great asset to our clinic for sure. (Especially when the doctors for adults truly are not great-okay, gotta stop-that's a whole other LONG post.) Score for the Doc!

The one time he can wait his turn. This kid understands the game. He knows what "splits" are. What a "turkey" is. It's just crazy! He used bumpers on his turn and managed to score over 100 both games! He's a natural for sure.

Sorry the picture is blurry. Cell phones don't do action shots all that well. Eight pound ball? No problem! As long as it's green, People. Priorities, you know. No help required either. Do you see how many pins are left standing? Yeah, only one.

Makenna was loving the game, too. She had help from the bumpers, but that's okay. She managed to do decently and there's nothing like seeing her dance when she made a strike or spare. You know Paige was staring at her and muttering in that teenage voice: "Sit DOWN and stop that!!"

Yep, life was good if you were The Boy and you got what you worked hard to earn. (Note: We at The Edge DO support the number referenced on The Man's hat. Thank you.)

Time to go start the week now. Got a thing or two of interest that's happening this week I'm going to share. Take it easy and be good to yourself!


The family said...

What a fun time. ANd . . .Wow - you guys are keeping busy!

Monogram Queen said...

How awesome that he got his reward AND is loving ball so much! I love the pic of your two guys!

Lishak said...

Wow! T-ball is a lot of fun! Good for him. I, also, enjoy bowling and the color of the ball does matter! I agree with the boy on that one! Glad he had a good week. :)

Michelle said...

so glad my boy got his reward. Looks like ya'll had fun. I've wiggled all day about our conversation this morning(even though it hurt like the devil)!!! CAN'T WAIT:)