Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I am a planner by nature. I love a good plan. If that plan doesn't work out? I love a good back-up plan. Give me a plan and I'm smooth.

I do not have a good plan right now. I do believe it's going to make me crazy.

Rose told me last week in counseling I was a planner. I just looked at her and blinked. My reply? "And whats wrong with that?"

Nothing, according to her. It's true that when something catches me out of left field and knocks me down, I jump right up and hit the ground running. Crap on moping around about it and letting it get the best of me. I want to tackle problems head on and get them solved or out of the way.

My husband? Not so much a planner. He likes to sit back a little while and ponder things. He wants to look at the situation from all angles and consider all outcomes and better prepare himself to deal with it.

That makes me certifiably insane. I need action. I need results. Right then. I don't care if it's not a perfect outcome or solution, I just need to be proactive. Immediately.

I kid you not, Internets. In a world perfect for me? I have plans A-Z. Plans A-Z have back-up plans. Back-up plans have emergency contingency plans. I like knowing there are steps that can be taken to get me from point A to point M. Getting back to A is a good thing to know, too.

Follow me here, would you?

I think it's more like I'm a race horse. (ha ha-my overweight out of shape self as a race horse) I take off out the gate and by the time I hit the finish line? I'm whupped. Mentally and physically. Yet, my job is done and done well.

My husband? A sturdy work horse. He plods along, straight and narrow, slow and steady. By the time he's finished? The job is done and done well. Same as the race horse. He gives his all and is able to call it good.

Can you imagine the tension that brews at The Edge at times? I want to get BUSY and he's smooth and calm in our storm. Sure, we balance each other out for the most part but it sure drives me crazy.

I have to learn to compromise...which goes against my nature. I have to learn to respect his way of doing things and know that the end result will be good.

It doesn't mean I can't make a few plans in the meantime, does it? You know...just to make me feel better.


Monogram Queen said...

I totally get you on this ha ha!!!! I'd make a "fine" racehorse too. They'd pack me off to the glue factory in a hot minute!

The family said...

CAn we start a support group? I am toootally with you here.

And to boot - he has decided to take his first week "easy". I understand he really needs some time to unwind and refocus. This is against my nature. I am totally whacking out over it.

Same boat.

Love you Hope. Now - lets find a nice neighborhood together.

Miss Hope said...

Stef? I am ALL for it. We can spazz together and let the menfolk be as calm as they want. Humph.

MQ? Girl, I don't even know if I'd make good glue! LOLOL

Kristi said...

Ummm....Yeah...can totally relate to this one. In fact, after my husband and I's first date, we did not like each other at all. He thought I was way too hyper, and I thought he was WAY too mellow and needed to liven up. Need I say more? We got together, and it actually works.

Jill AKA busymom said...

WOW..I am sooo with you. I just want to get it done...and he has to ponder, research, and ponder some more. Even buying a TV is an ordeal...its craziness:)

We have less than 5 months until our orders are about lighting a fire under the detailers butt and get me some answers!

Busy Texas Dee said...

That's kinda funny that you two are just the opposite about stuff like that. Michael and I are the same in that respect. Take the house and property for instance. Yes we are working more on the house but we have soooooo many projects in the works it's not funny and when we have the time and the weather is good then it's time to work outside and set the house aside for a moment. There is no plan here we just take it as it comes and deal with it. Although I just want to get the house done. I get tired of all the tools and construction materials in the house. But I know in the end everything will be done and it will be a job well worth it.