Sunday, March 22, 2009

That perspective thing

I do believe I am tired of the perspective side of things now.

Last night I had to take The Man to our local E.R. He was feeling a little wonky (my word I used when things aren't right) yesterday morning. He still got up and was helping me clean The Boy's room and go through clothes he has outgrown. Around 5-ish, he made the comment that his chest was hurting.


I asked if he was having pain in his arm and jaw. He said no, but, he was lightheaded and short of breath. I put the symptoms in the g**gle machine and decided quick like we might need to go get him checked out.

The E.R. was packed. A bunch of teenagers were there to support a friend. Lovely. We didn't wait long for triage and the nurse was very concerned. The Man was pale and he is not a pale person by nature. He was pretty much taken back immediately.

Can I say I love my friends? I started texting right away to let them know where we were and what was going on. I did this, too, so they would know the kids were at home alone and to keep an ear out for them. They texted back right away showing support. I heard terms being thrown around as the nurses moved quickly to hook my husband up to monitors, start and I.V. port, and talk a bunch of nonsense. Both Carla and Debbie were my links to finding out what they were talking about. Neighbor Greg let his fingers fly on his computer to get information back as fast as possible. I probably looked like a teenager the way my fingers were flying over my phone.

When they brought in the nitro, I got really worried. I texted (paraphrasing here): "Oh crap. They're giving him nitro!!" What did Carla do? She immediately sent out texts and requests for prayers to her mother and our friends and stood by with fingers ready to look up anything I needed her to. Neighbor Debbie jumped in her truck and headed to the E.R. for some moral support. I kept updating Paige so she wouldn't freak out but kept it low key for her.

His blood work and cardiac work up came back fine. Whewww.

Now it gets wild.

The Man has had an awful cold the past two weeks. A trip to the doctor got him some antihistamine and that was it. This E.R. doctor was asking a million questions and running tests left and right. He almost seemed perplexed to me. I am also feeling my age because this guy looked like he was 12 years old. He finally came in and leaned against the counter to tell us his diagnosis.

It appears The Man is recovering from bronchitis and walking pneumonia. (What????) He has had a horrendous cough the past week and this cough seems to have made the cartilage separate from his chest wall. OUCH.

Add in the stress from the past week and it's just not good. I'm thinking the wrestling match with the constipated 4 year old probably made things worse, too.

He was given a super-wham-a-dine dose of Motrin with anti-inflammatory to give him some relief in his chest. Add in a prescription for antibiotics for ten days and we're going to see if we can get this thing cleared up.

Of course he won't take it easy a day or two to get over this. He hasn't in the past two weeks, so why start now? He's taking a class this upcoming week that goes with retirement and he will be there. He is such a Chief.

All in all, it was a quick E.R. visit (who has those?) and we were home within three hours total.

Now, I watch him closely and make sure he's drinking enough fluids. I'm doing my best to keep him low-key. (He's sitting in the recliner doing Calculus homework. So much for low-key, huh?) He'll get this one good day to recover as much as possible before I let him go do that stuff he does week in and week out.

Yep. I do believe I'm done with all the perspective stuff. I think a few drama free days are in order for The Edge.


Stefany said...

WOW - what a scare. Slow it down. Everything will be just fine.

AndreaLeigh said...

i'm so glad he's ok! scary stuff!

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

Glad to see that he's on the road to getting better!

I pray for you a slow week!!

Keri Alane said...

oh holy moly!! What a scary evening! Glad you have such good friends there to support you!! And I am really glad that the Man is ok!! take a day where each of you can just sit and enjoy the others company no stress!!! Hope Drama dies down around there with a quickness!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how frightening that must have been especially when they brought in the nitro. Glad your visit to the ER was short-lived! You're right though (who has those?). Glad it wasn't more severe than it is and we'll hold him our prayers.

Krys72599 said...

3 hours in the ER with the Man?
Did you read my recent post?!?
SOOO glad he's okay - those Motrins are wonderful, are they not?!? To say nothing of antibiotics when needed...
Lucky your wonderful friends were at the other end of your phone, and close at hand near the homefront...
Perhaps we should meet 1/2-way and the menfolk can commiserate and we can, too...

Monogram Queen said...

Wow what a SCARE! So glad it turned out okay though. Keep him low-key as possible. Sending healing vibes to the sweet Man on the Edge!

Joe and Samantha said...

So glad your man is OK.
And glad you are too!

Bonita said...

Wow, scary! I'm glad he's okay. With the walking penmoina be careful now when ever he gets a cold, because it could easly flare up again. Hope everything is getting better.

Get Off My Lawn! said...

Well, good thing it wasn't the other thing. Bronchitis is the enemy. It can last a long time and I believe you about the chest wall separation thing. I was the same and kept working until I got so sick I had to lay down for a week. Make that man gear down for awhile.

Denise said...

Good grief! You need a break. I'm so glad it turned out not to be his heart, anyway!

ronee said...

i know you have a fantastic network of friends..but if therer is anything I can do for you..please text me or call me!
i hope your son feels better..i read it on your facebook..and number two is home sick..what the heck!