Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another Paige-ism

Lawd, I love this kid. She might be hell on wheels and hard to handle sometimes, but her sharp wit will see her through.

This week is "Spirit Week" at her school. Something fun and exciting to do every day. Monday was pajama day. She definately participated in that because, DUH, she got to wear her monkey pj's and they are just sooo cute.

Tuesday was FLASHBACK DAY. Paige didn't participate because she didn't give me any notice and I just have to have time to plan these things out. It was a hit at school. I picked her up from school because she had counselling and all the way there, she told me about the different costumes that were worn. One group got together and did Gilligan's Island. They rocked. There were poodle skirts and ponytails. One group of gals did Flashdance complete with heels and lace socks.

So, Paige talked about it and I simply had to nod once in a while to keep her movtivated. We were pulling up to the front of the office where she goes for counseling and she made this comment:

"Hey, Mom? So we do flashback day and we got lots to choose from, right? Well, if Nana and Papa did flashback day back when they were in high school, who would they dress as? Pilgrams?"

I lost it. And you can bet your sweet fanny I couldn't wait to get home and tell my Mom. Somehow it didn't amuse her as much as it did me.

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