Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Time to say Something...Anything....

About this devastation our country is dealing with. I sit here with hands poised above the keyboard and I'm simply stumped.

I've read so many accounts and blogs over the past week. I felt the anger, bitterness, feelings of betrayal. I've seen a sputter of hope flicker and sometimes die a quiet death.

I grieve. I grieve the death of so many people. So many elderly. So So So many babies. My heart aches every time I see a fellow American crying...full of anguish....on my television screen. Paige....who is in that tween self involved stage...rolls her eyes because when coverage comes on, I start to cry. Everytime. She says.....oh Mama, just turn the stupid thing off if it upsets you that badly. She can't understand that just because you turn the t.v. off, it doesn't make it all go away. How sweet it would be if it could. I believe that every single person with any emotion within them will be forever haunted by the images we've seen....the visuals we've gotten from hearing. I, for one, can't get the babies out of my head. Will I ever?

Although I agree with some on how things have been handled...and disagree with some others.....one thing is certain. If we don't get past the bullcrap politics of the situation and come together as a nation like our forefathers fought so hard to establish....we're going to lose much more than a historical landmark. Much more than lives unprepared to go so soon. Much more than streets covered in murky sludge.

You figure it out.


starbldr said...

Well now, dare I say everything I think about this tragedy? First of all I feel for the people that have experienced this hurricane. I also feel very strongly that once the smoke clears and if you can see through the media's spin. You will find that the Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans are just as much if not more at fault than the Federal Gov't. After all it was their state and city, their people. And anyone caught looting anything but the essentials of living for himself, his family or friends should be shot on sight. Anyone attacking, raping or otherwise harming the innocent survivors should be castrated and hung in the street by their necks. And after having lived through Hugo and hearing on the tv only of Charlestons plight I truly feel for the poeple in the small communities that don't get the attention that New Orleans gets. I went to New Orleans back in '97. I was not impressed.

Crazy Me said...

My friend's hubby was there and missing for three days. He finally turned up after being evacuated to the dome, picking up a ride in the back of a pick up and staying with a family for a night. He was finally able to call home and his mother drove out to get him. What an awful, awful three days but at least he got home safely.

Miss Hope said...

Oh wow, Angela. What a story I bet he has to tell. I'm so glad he made it out and is safe and sound. Wow...I just can't even imagine.