Tuesday, September 20, 2005

YaY Hope and Fred

YaY us. It's mine and Fred's 2 year anniversary. What a two year stint it has been. And the phone call at 12:01 a.m. last night was sweet.

I just can't compose some witty, catchy piece today, folks. I am in such a pissy mood that I don't even glance in the mirror when I walk by because I know the expression on my face is one where my mother would say ..."You keep that look and your face will freeze like that and it will be ugly the rest of your life". Yeah yeah yeah, Mom.

I didn't even talk to Fred tonight when he tried to call and barely spoke to him on messenger. Lawd, that's awful of me. (no comment on this please, Fred)

I'll just wrap it all up and know that I did acknowledge my anniversary. It's just another special date that is being missed .....like just about every one this freaking year. Am hushing now.

Hope everyone else is having a better week. Our school is out this Friday and Makenna reminds me of it every five minutes. Oh boy. Gotta get with the entertainment committee this week, I suppose.

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Jacinda said...

Happy Anniversary, Hope & Fred! I'm sorry you couldn't be together in person, but I know you were in spirit! You are such a loving couple. I can tell this just by the little that I know of you. Happy, Happy Day!