Friday, September 23, 2005

Freeze Frame!!!!!

Ok. I know I'm old. I don't need reminders. But, does anyone remember this song??? Reason I ask is because I took the girls skating tonight since they did so awesome on their interim report cards. 'Sides, they don't have school tomorrow and it just seemed like a "Cool Mom" kind of thing to do. I grew up going to a skating rink on a regular basis. My uncle worked at one and my folks liked to go and do their thang. So, it was skate or be bored. It's now been around 5 years since I've been on skates. With this bad back, I wouldn't even think of attempting it.

Anyways, there were some gals there with their kids (SIL went with niece and nephew) that I grew up with. We got to talking about going when we were younger and how old we felt now. I went to get some drinks while the kids skated and when I got back I started doing the intro for the song "Freeze Frame". Everyone started laughing and talking about what that song reminded them of. Ahhh....memories.

The week is getting better. My mom had surgery on her back yesterday. Pinched nerve kind of deal. She did so wonderful, it's just amazing. She rode home with me because she simply couldn't climb into her Tahoe. I stopped to get her something to eat. My dad is going to kill me, but I let her have a sandwich AND a handful of fries. Yes, I know...big no-no for the diabetic. She ate with big lusty sighs and eyes closed. I noticed she had her legs crossed...ankle on opposing knee. I asked her if that was a good idea? She replied....I have hurt for so long. I woke up after this surgery and the tingling was gone in my legs and I just don't hurt. I can do this without crying in pain. I have my stomach full and I think I'm going to rest now. She then proceeded to start snoring. Bless her heart. She's needed no pain killers and told me this morning she was waiting for the truck to hit her and to start hurting. I don't think it will. Bless her.

That Navy blah blah blah thing starts this weekend. I won't see my husband until November. Man, that sucks. It would be different if he were out to sea, but he's not. Yeah, we're leaning towards moving to be together even more. We're getting information on our housing choices now. As of now, we're up for a 2 story townhouse like deal. Can we say "Hello E.R! My name is Vitt and I have stairs in my house?" Oh yeah, the nightmares have started.


Crazy Me said...

I skipped work a while back with my friends and went skating. It was so much fun but I pretty much stayed plastered to the wall, trying not fall. I had forgotten how much work skating is. I just KNOW I burned of millions of calories!!

Crazy Me said...

oops ... off

Jacinda said...

Skating! Man, it has been awhile for me. I feel old most of the time these days, Hope. Don't feel bad!