Monday, September 05, 2005

It has been decided....

The big boy will be staying up past tomorrow's Labor Day. After all that has happened in our beloved South, my brother started thinking. He is one that if WWIII started, we're going to his house. He's totally prepared. I can't give details because then I wouldn't be able to go. 'Nuff said bout that.

ANYWAY. We've decided that hurricane season will not be over for us until October 1. Yes, we know the season lasts through November but history shows us that the worse ones come in September. In fact, we tend to get a little nervous and out of sorts everytime September 1 rolls around. Remember Hurricane Hugo hitting South Carolina? I was living at the beach that summer(round abouts Myrtle Beach)(hold on while I sit and remember a moment........ohhhh, what a summer that was....) Ok, am back. I left to attend college. In one night my whole summer of memories was wiped away. Literally. I go to visit there now once in a while and there is nothing from when I lived there hardly. It is devastating to have memories wiped away like they were never even there.

Jeesh. Back to the story. Due to possible bad weather we are keeping the Big Boy up through September. We may not be able to swim in it, but we will keep it treated and run the pump regularly. We were without power for 6 weeks due to bad weather before. There are 5 children who will need to be cleaned. Our toilets are run by wells. That operate off of electricity. No city water here, folks. We will need water to flush said toilets should the power desert us. Therefore, it is official. The Big Boy will remain to hopefully take care of us should the need arise.

My brother can now sleep at night. Wait. Until he realizes the water might have to be warmed up and does he have enough propane to last at least 3 months?

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starbldr said...

Coming from the same general vicinity that you do I can understand this totally. There is nothing like being able to flush the toilet even though the electricity is out. And I remember Hugo very well. I remember spending that night with a 5 year old wrapped in a quilt in the bathtub and hoping my house would stand. I remember 10 days with no electricity and no water. Cooking everything in the freezer on propane stoves. Boy did we eat good. Everybody had a freezer full. My brother had just bought a cow and had it butchered. We ate steak and shrimp and every type of vegetable you can imagine. It was eat it or lose it.