Friday, September 02, 2005

Ice Cream Wins Again...dangit

~sigh~ .......~sigh again~...........

so here's the story:

We got this little country store down the road from my house. It's been there as long as I've been breathing ....only been through like 3 owners the whole time. It's a store that if you're not from the probably wouldn't stop at. It's just old and the gas pumps are long dried up. Old men sit out in front and watch the vehicles go by and spit tobacco. My grandaddy used to sit out there many hours. It was/is gossip central and you can hear the police/ems scanner going off everytime you walk in. Country living, folks. Everyone in the area loves this place and you can find just about anything you need there...for a price, of course.

This place has hand dipped ice cream. For one dollar...that's $ can get a styrofoam cup (bigger than a kiddie cup...a tad smaller than a "to go" cup from your favorite place to eat) full to the brim of your choice of what's in the cooler. And we all know my weakness for ice cream. ~sigh again~ The other day when I went, I picked up a cup for me and one a piece for the girls. I think I picked peaches and cream that day. You never know the selection because it varies everytime. It's like a Christmas just never know what's inside. That day there was bubblegum. Yo. That should work perfect for Makenna. Bubblegum=kids. Right? Wrong. She was so upset because that is just disgusting (tasted pretty good to me later when I ate it for her). She wanted any flavor but that one. I promised to get her one next time I went. Mostly to shut her up at that moment.

So here I go yesterday in that Country Store. I asked the lady in charge if she had grape in stock? I knew for a fact that Mu loves the grape flavor. Next thing I know that woman is listing all the flavors available and I felt blood rushing to my head. Did she just say BANANA PUDDING????? I had to stop her. She DID say that. Oh sweet mercy. I knew I didn't need that ice cream. But I wanted that ice cream. Bad. (sounds like a crack addict again). As she's walking back to get Mu's, she asks if I want one? Crap. "Yeah," I holler back, "gimme one of that pudding...I'm having a hard time believin' that one." I get the cups in a sack and slunk back out to my van. I come straight home and put it in the freezer. I will resist. I will resist. I will resist.

Can I help it if Rock Star INXS was THAT good? I find my self walking in a trance to that freezer. Getting a spoon out of the drawer. Sitting back down. I am on the phone with Fred at this time and I don't let him know I am eating this ice cream. Why? I don't know...I just didn't! Ok? It would have been rude since he didn't have any. Sweet Mother. It's not bad. Then I bite into something. I am lost. IT HAD FREAKING VANILLA WAFERS IN IT, PEOPLE. Ohhhhh, the shock! Ohhhhh, the goodness and mercy. I cannot believe God gave such a marvelous talent to someone as to come up with that ice cream. I really can't. I think it rates right up there with being a heart surgeon.

So the ice cream won again. ~snort~ Like I really put up a fight.


Livinia said...

I want some of that ice cream right now, right bad!

Hope said...

That ice cream is like gas. GONE! I went back and casually asked if she had more and she said it was long gone! I am mourning the loss because she may not get it back for months. She never orders flavors..just picks and chooses when the guy comes by. I told her it was imperative that she purchase more and that I would probably buy the whole bucket from her!