Friday, September 30, 2005

Luck...or lack there of

I am not kidding you. My LF has fallen into the biggest pile of luck you ever did see. That chick is into buying the scratch off cards from your local convenience store. I am not joking when I say she's got luck. In the past month, she's won almost a thousand dollars playing those things. I hate to even answer the phone when she calls because I just know she's going to tell me she's won another wad of cash. I personally don't buy them. It's a leftover from how I was raised. I let Fred do it instead. Cat Daddy knows how to do all that and I'm too afraid I would take it personally if I didn't win. This way...if he buys the winning ticket, I am SOOO going shopping in my new Land Rover and if he doesn't? Eh, oh well.

So, I'm moaning and groaning about her luck and she tells me she's hitting while the hitting's good because it won't last forever. At least she got her car insurance paid and stuff.

Today I open our mail. And there's this letter. It informs my hubby that an allotment he had going to this obscure bank in the middle of nowhere has some money sitting in it. I bout crapped. 800 smackeroos, people. Well, thank you Lord, there's my winning scratch off ticket. Santa is going to be so happy this year. So is this how winning the lottery feels? Many of you may scoff at such a paltry sum, but I'm not!! This is sweet sweet sweet and I'm going to enjoy knowing that Christmas is paid for.

And for all of you who say....but, Hope, this is Fred's money. How can you say how it's going to be spent? Kiss my butt. We're in this together and Cat Daddy knows we got 3 kids and big family to think of. He's just as excited as I am.

Speaking of the breadwinner. He's started his midnight shift work. Gotta admit I'm glad I'm not in his shoes. I just hope he doesn't get hooked on Days of Our Lives again since he's off during the day. I'd hate to tie my DVR up with that mess once he's back on days. There are more important things to record! Like Oprah. Degrassi. And every single show on the Disney Channel. Who showed Makenna how to operate that thing??? Jeesh. A kid learns to read and it's all over with, people.

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Crazy Me said...

Oh, what I could do with 800 smackeroos ... I'm jealous. Big Sigh.