Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter From the Edge

What a good Easter that was had here at the Edge. I must admit, I was a little saddened not to be at home with my entire family. This was the first time in all my 35 years that I wasn't able to share some of Easter Sunday with them. I might have skipped out on the Sunday service twice in my teens by it being prom weekend and being at the beach, but I was always home by mealtime.

My husband was a determined soul this time around. He decreed that we would dye eggs a few weeks ago. When he asked me what I thought of this, I told him I didn't care as long as he cleaned up the mess. My heart truly wasn't in it, to be honest. My brother and I used to go to my grandmother's the Saturday before Easter to dye eggs, but I never really got into it with my own children. My mother never showed an interest in carrying on the tradition with her own grandchildren, and I just never pushed it. Never really cared to. He and I purchased the eggs Saturday and as they boiled*, he set up the table for an Egg Dyeing-fest.

We had a ball with it. Vitt picked up quickly how to make the eggs different colors. I got some really good pictures that I will have to download onto the computer soon for your viewing pleasure. We all had a lovely bunch by the time we were done. Although Vitt did learn quickly can't bang two hard boiled eggs together like two regular balls. That part truly did confuse him.

We awoke Sunday morning to find that the Easter Bunny had come for a visit!! He was right generous...but not overly so. We had a breakfast of cinnamon buns before heading off to church. Vitt wore his all white outfit with underwear. I was leery of this, but Dad insisted that it should be fine. Well, it wasn't. Not quite there yet. Too much playing and not enough running to the potty had my son coming to me after church with his nice dress top on and a pair a jeans Fred had the foresight to put in his bag. We'll get there. I'm just tickled he'll even potty at all!

I planned a nice Sunday dinner (noon meal for non-Southerners). I knew it was Easter. Had it on the brain. Then I realized I hadn't prepared a HUGE feast for my family. I was miserable when I told Fred I would have planned a casserole or something of that nature had I been really thinking about it. He assured me all would be fine. And it was. I guess Jesus don't care if you got a casserole cooked or not. But, I bet he would come eat at my Mama's house because she normally has 2 or 3 !!!!!!

I made it through a major holiday without being home. I didn't like it and missed my family something fierce. But, our family (mostly my husband!) took the opportunity to start establishing good firm traditions of our own. We kept the spirit of the day and truly got least 96% of the time. A record for us!

We are hoping to be recovered from the sugar high induced by lots of chocolate eggs and whatnot by at least Wednesday.

*Okay, I'm a little bit anal about some things that I cook. I do all meat well done (Sorry, Honey!) for fear of some bad thing happening to the kids. I truly do not know how long to boil eggs. The first batch I boiled....well, 6 cracked under the pressure and didn't make it. So, we had egg salad sandwiches for lunch. Fred kept an eye on the others we did to replace those lost. ~shrugs~ Will guarantee you won't get any of that salmonella poisoning in MY house if you come visit.


Anonymous said...

Yes, my love, I know I am changing some things, but, we do need to forge through new frontiers! HA!!! I just figure that if we could do some things that are fun, it would soften the blow of being away from family. Don't get me wrong, I love your family, you know that. But, I am happy that you decided to come on down here. I love, even more, being able to spend the time with you and sharing the new things with each other and the kids. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Paige-a-roni said...

eeew! old people love!!! blech! lol..

Miss Hope said...

See that? She doesn't comment on the blog but on the comment left before her! I worry about this kid.