Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Redneck Redefined

This morning Paige came busting into my bathroom to use the hairspray. That meant Paige, Makenna, and myself were in this not so large space. Paige was holding her hair with one hand in a ponytail and was turning when she banged her elbow on the closet door.

"Dang," she said. Then she laughed. She told me how she got picked on at school because she said things such and dang, da-gummit, etc etc. She said the kids laughed and called her hill-billy. (She's not offended at all. Even laughs along with them.)

I told her, "You tell 'em you do NOT come from the hills. There are no hills at your home in South Carolina."

"YEAH!" she cried. "I'm not a hill-billy. I'm a WOOD-BILLY."

I had to laugh.

On another note. Every time I go home for a visit, I notice that another few acres of trees are gone. Stripped by logging companies who leave behind the biggest, ugliest mess you've ever seen. Woods I grew up with are gone. It only takes a few days for the logging companies to destroy decades of tree growing. And it all comes down to greed. Plain and simple. Usually when the woods have been stripped? It's because someone has passed away and probate is up and the heirs start stripping it down to get whatever money they can out of the trees.

So, does that mean when all the trees are gone, Paige will not be considered a "Wood-billy". What would she be then? Field-billy? Splinter-billy?(because that's all that left?)

And Makenna? She still believes all rednecks are from Delaware.

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Coty said...

Oh, Paige. What are we gonna do with her? That's too funny. It's the same thing, though, when I go home to the Ridge. Don't tell anyone, but all my former make-out spots are being turned into subdivision and parking lots. Shoot...I bet there'll be a Walmart there, soon. It's really a shame.

And Makenna...DELAWARE? Silly girl. :)