Monday, April 02, 2007

Vitt is "free" Years Old!

My baby is no longer a baby. Vitt is officially a pre-schooler today. I just can't believe it. I truly feel like I just had him. Time is a fickle thing at times. It's like the tortoise and the hare on crack. One minute it's dragging by, slowly but surely. The next minute, it's zipping by all hippity hop and you wonder where it went.

I no longer have a good solid reason to go down the baby aisle at the grocery store. We haven't bought diapers in over a month. All the baby food and formula are long gone in this house. It's right sad....yet liberating.

I can now look forward to T-ball games. All the boy stuff that is an unfamiliar world to me. I can handle ballet recitals and Girl Scout meetings without blinking. Now I have to psyche myself up for all kind of boy things. It's like learning a new language or being in a foreign country. But, I'm excited to do it.

This is my baby. He will tell people, when prompted, "I Mama's boyfriend." And he is! I will always have this incredible male that will love me til he dies no matter what. I see my brother being very protective of my mother and that's what I want one day. My nephew will be five tomorrow and I see the love he has for his Mama. It's just a good thing for a boy to do.

Sure, I'm sad about how fast he's growing. Yet I see how fast he learns. I see how he puts adult gloves on to help his Dad plant a tree in the yard. He works so hard and acts so grown. Then? He still has the awkward moment when he trips over his feet and falls down. Only to get up and run to me because he's got a boo-boo and needs me to kiss it so it will be all better.

There are times I could seriously eat that kid up with a spoon.

This is a good kid to end my fever. I no longer get all mushy inside with wanting when holding a baby. I don't sit and think....maybe one more kid. I am through with baby food and diapers and formula. And it's okay. Finally. *releases a deep breath*

Now I gotta brainwash him into saying "I'm Three!!!", while holding up three fingers. I attempted this yesterday and he kept telling me..."NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! I TWO!" ...while holding up two fingers.

Happy Birthday, Vitt! You complete our family in such a perfect way.
We love you so much.

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Jacinda said...

such a big boy! I could hardly believe those pictures up above. He has gotten sooooo big! My, how time flies!!!!!