Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Edge Update......

I'm just dangit tired here. Stupid me said I would help out with the Compass class this week and I forgot it was going to be at night. I'm so not into doing class like stuff at night. I function at a better capacity during the daylight when it comes to work like that. Between you and me? Some awful malady is going to strike someone that lives in this house Thursday night. How do I know? Because Grey's Anatomy is a new episode and Mama ain't missing a new episode on the new t.v. Sure, I can catch it next day on the computer, but I prefer the good television. It's not like they can't have the class if I'm not there. I'm going more for learning how to teach it than to participate. I have the lovely mentor classes coming up in May. Those classes will be during the day. Thank Goodness! Because it'll be May sweeps time, people. All the good stuff will be shaking down on prime time then.

I had my annual fire inspection yesterday. What a joke. This lady and guy from the fire department come around to see if your smoke detectors are working. If you are using a 40 watt bulb in your exhaust fan light over the stove. Remember how I said I use one kitchen as a laundry room? Well, the room was straightened except I had my clothes sorted into piles on the floor with a very clear walkway betwixt them. She was gingerly picking her way through the mountains (said with LOTS of sarcasm) and made the comment..."Is it laundry day?" I just looked at her. Anyone who knows my face personally can vouch for the fact that if I give a look like I gave her, you're pretty much guaranteed to feel stupid. She proceeded to step in the room that houses my washer and dryer. Opened the cabinets. Interested in what laundry detergent I use, Sister? There was a small fire extinguisher in there. Oh, joy. Here comes Lecture Class 101. She starts in on how I should install it on the wall with some kind of black bracket. I finally interrupted to inform her that it was there like that when we moved in and if she doesn't have the black bracket thingy on her person, it won't be put on a wall. She puts it back in the cabinet and closes the door. All in all, we passed the inspection with a warning to remove the pantyhose drying on top of the hot water heater. Whatever.

I just watched the recycle guys pick up my recyclables. I figure having a five member family, I should do a little something to help the environment, right? So, I recycle cans, plastic soda and water bottles, paper and magazines. I watch these guys sort my stuff into their respective bins on the back of the truck. They start laughing. I peer closer to see one of them (who is, I would venture to guess, around late 40's- early 50's) start laughing. He has picked up one of the magazines. It's either a Redbook or Glamour. He's reading out loud to the other guy the titles of the articles on the front. They laugh and laugh and laugh. Yeah. We all know you go through and keep magazines like that for yourself to take home and read the articles and look at the women's underwear ads. You ain't foolin' no one, Mister.

Thought I might also include a picture from Saturday night. Paige took this before we got into the sexy mini-van. I'm seeing too many chins for my liking on me, but you gotta admit....we looked good. If the sun hadn't been so bright, you might've been able to see my eyes. As it is, I am blind without shades outside. I wear them on cloudy days, too. Preserving the blues, people. I love when Fred wears his dress blues. They are so sharp. Alot of men had this uniform on and the whole ball you could hear the medals ringing against each other as they walked around. God Bless America and the military uniform. Am still waiting on the ones my friend took. Hopefully, she'll get them to me this week. She said she was going to play around in her photoshop program and make me look like a million bucks. I'll settle for that.

Those sexy shoes that crippled my calves made me a decent height to Fred. Usually I barely hit his shoulder. I LOVE me a tall fellow.


Hope's Hubby said...

Yes, darling, I know I don't like you working at night either. I never get to see you. Yesterday it felt like I was on the run the whole day. And, as I texted you, I missed you yesterday.

Coty said...

Oooo...don't y'all look like some sexy fools! I love hearing those medals ring, too. Least my hubby finally got more than one. Last year I believe he was at five, so it made for some nice ringing. Especially when we got back to the hotel, later. Okay, I'm sure you didn't need to know that. But you know me, and you know I like to spill ALL details. LOL

And tell that fire lady to shove it.

Melanie said...

Girl, you look gorgeous, and Hope's hubby is quite the looker too :)