Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This Kid

This kid. This is the boy that plays harder than any kid I've ever met. He's smart as a whip and quicker than lightning. There are things about him that amaze me on a daily basis. Such as:
  • He can walk on hot asphalt without flinching since he never wears shoes. His feet are as tough as leather.
  • He can pedal his bike so fast that anyone watching will hold their breath because we just know he's going to crash and get hurt badly.
  • He mastered riding his scooter in 10 minutes flat. When his interest flows towards his scooter, he will find an inclined plane so he can coast and build up speed. The faster the better.
  • He can do this same thing with his Tonka dump truck. His butt is narrow enough to sit in the back and it almost looks like he's having a wheelchair race as he turns the black wheels as fast as he can.
  • Sitting down still as a statue to watch Mickey Mouse. Answering every question right and still amazing me.

He knows no fear. Every minute is an adventure he has to meet head on. Naps are not allowed during daylight hours anymore. I believe it's simply because he thinks he might miss out on something. He tells a knock-knock joke he's made up ten times in a row. Who cares if it doesn't make sense. He thinks it's hilarious and gets totally tickled at himself each and every time he tells it. He terrorizes Makenna as soon as she walks in. It's not unusual for her to be in tears because he's picking on her. She doesn't want to hit him back. BUT, when she's reached her limit....he knows the line has been crossed and he runs to me for shelter.

Let a pull-up commercial come on and without fail, he will run for the bathroom. As if to say to the kids on television....."HA! I laugh at you having to announce you are a big kid now. I simply go without any fanfare to do my business. It makes MY Mama jump and run so as to prevent me taking a bath in the sink. I love to see her slump in relief against the door frame as I sit on the pot." I also believe if he could, he would write to the maker's of his sporty underwear and advise them to put the good pictures on the front instead of the butt. Wearing underwear backwards may not be the most comfortable thing, but having access to the cool pictures is a must.

By supper time, we at the Edge are looking forward to dark. Or 7:30 pm. Doesn't matter which comes first. We know, then, that Dad will make The Force sit in the recliner with him. It is a treasured time around our home. For we all know that if The Force is still for five minutes (sometimes less!)....he will be completely zonked out. It might take a tap on the leg or a cup of milk to make it happen quicker, but it does happen. Then prime time television is ours to enjoy.

Yesterday found this kid in rare form. An excess of Easter candy and decent weather made for a long exhausting day that never seemed to end. Our hair was standing on end and the living room was trashed.

Five minutes later I looked and this is what I saw. I had to take a picture because it appeared he had...in his sleep...turned back into my sweet little angel. See his hands folded in prayer?


Hope's Hubby said...

Yes, love, I do try to give you that little bit of relief each night. I know he keeps you running like nobody's business. I also know that no other kid that you have kept is like him. Remember, he is MY son as well, and as such, I do have to say, I am sorry he is so much like me, at times. I love all of you more than I can ever tell you. I never thought possible, but, I love you more and more each and every day. Thank you for wanting to have our son. I can't imagine life without any member of my family.

Miss Hope said...

Fred. You are so sappy.

Domestic Diva said...

Aww, you two make me tear up! :)