Sunday, April 29, 2007

An Edgy Sunday

There was just no respect for the Lord's Day this morning around our house. Getting dressed and out the door for church proved almost to be our downfall. We were all snappy and nasty. I had to referee Paige and Makenna. Makenna kept letting her mouth overload her butt and Paige was aiming to physically teach her a lesson. I am greeting my monthly friend....and not with open arms, but resignation, so my demeanor is less than friendly.

As we pulled up in the church yard I told Fred to park there, then LET US OUT HERE... He ended up slamming on brakes and doing some loud venting of his own. I slammed out of the van when we parked without another word, got Vitt and escorted him to class. It was my intentions NOT to speak that man again today.

We got to worship after class and as we were sitting there, he turned and apologized to me for how he said what he did. I patted him on the shoulder and told him I understood, but I already had dibs on being a butt for the day and had no intentions of giving it up. And that I apologized also, but could not guarantee my behavior would turn sunny before sundown.

We communicate so well. I love that about us.

And Georgia is burning, ya'll. I'm sure those of you not here have got to be seeing it on your news from time to time. Forest fires are raging all around us. Yesterday was awful. Makenna was gone to a birthday party with a friend and the rest of us were just hanging out for the afternoon. We happened to look outside and it was orange. You read it right. Orange. Very eerie looking. Paige went from window to window looking and getting all anxiety-like. She said...Mama?!? What is causing it to look like that?? I looked out the window, shrugged, and said....I don't know. Maybe Jesus is coming back?

Well, she freaked out. I guess it's not a good idea to tell Paige stuff like that.

The winds have changed today and although it's still a tad bit smoky and the smell isn't as bad...the orange is gone. Let me tell you, people. When you are used to seeing kids running and riding bikes while screaming all during daylight hours, enjoying Saturday at home? Then there's nothing outside. Nothing. It's quiet and still and ORANGE. That's some scary stuff. Makes your skin go all prickly feeling. Oh, and don't forget our snow. Seriously. The ash floats in the breeze like snow to cover everything.

Time for some rain, I do believe.


Domestic Diva said...

Some scientific explanation for Paige...

The sky looks orange due to the amount of dust particles that are in the air. Wood/grass burning = ash = tiny burnt pieces of wood/grass = lots of "dust" particles in the air.

When the sun shines through the cloud of "smoke" the light hits off of the tiny wood/grass particles that are swirling around in the air. If you know the spectrum of light - ROYGBIV (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) then you know that the strongest rays of light are red and orange. When sunlight hits the smoke, all the other rays of light are absorbed in the yucky ash mess leaving only the deepest colors - red and orange to be refracted, meaning that you'll see a red/orange sky.

Whew, I just amazed myself with my brilliance! :)

Miss Hope said...

You can take the teacher out of the school, but you can't take the school out of the teacher! Good job, Em!!!