Friday, June 08, 2007

Makenna's Ballet Recital 2007

This ballet thing confuses me. For ten years, I've had a child in dance classes. That makes for ten very stressful recitals and extra rehearsals. For two years I had two girls in dance together. Talk about being busy! Three costume changes per child. Whew.

We got Makenna into dance around November of this year. She was missing it and I wanted her to be able to do something that was familiar and comfortable in this new place we were in. I did not like the instructor from the beginning and neither did Mak. She's tough and hard and gets very strict with her dancers. This can be good in some ways. It makes them work harder and do better overall. After last Saturday night, I could see why. Her group danced to the songs "Tomorrow" from Annie and "I Just Can't Wait to be King" from the Lion King. The ballet was exquisite. They had good flowing movement and I just want to bawl when I see her on stage performing. She's been doing this so long, she's no longer nervous.

My family made the trek down to see this fine performance. I was so glad because my heart was breaking over the fact that I didn't have a picture of Mak and Toot together. They're only 13 months apart and I just want them to grow together and be close for always. I'm not close to any of my first cousins and it's just sad when there's 15 of them to be close to.

We get a picture like this every single year. A close up of the two of them. Last year Makenna was the one missing teeth. Now it's Toot's turn!

Paige volunteered to be the stage mom for Makenna's group. This was so she could stay in back and get her dressed for each dance. I didn't ask, she volunteered. And she did a wonderful job. I was able to sit in the audience and enjoy the show and have no worries. Well, there were a few frantic text messages where she's screaming for Nana to come back because the strap broke on the jungle costume. All was well after a quick visit from Nana and everything went off without a hitch!

Then you have those moments where the sillies creep in. It can't always be perfectly positioned feet and hands, now can it? Isn't that dress just precious????

Then Toot has her turn at being silly. Paige took this in the dressing room and a while later I was looking through the camera and came across this. Des about had a heart attack, but I think this adorable of her. She has such a spunky personality.

Paige is totally gonna hate this picture, but it was good of Des and I'd rather have Paige mad than Des. She may be small, but she's spunky like Toot. Like Mother, Like Daughter.

I decided to jump in for a quick picture. Not my usual style, but I did. It was a rainy night..which was fine as we needed the rain. But, my hair goes all funky crazy curly frizzy in humidity, so I just threw a headband in and called it a day. Yep, that's all natural curl, folks.

And there you have the photo gallery. More than I usually do, but the pictures turned out right decently, I think. Note the bouquet Makenna is holding. Fred made a special trip in the pouring rain Saturday morning to purchase them. All dancers MUST have flowers after performing, you know! The collages on either side of the girls are the professional group photos of each group that performed. It was alot of people. Alot.

We're not sure if dance class is in our future this coming year. I think Vitt needs to attend 3K for some social skills and all the extra activities add up after a while. Rumor has it that the base is offering karate classes at a decent rate and Makenna has been asking for those for a while. I think it'll keep her limber and fluid in case she decides to go back to dance. Plus, she's already told Paige: "I'm going to learn how to kick your butt and I'm not going to show you how I did it!"

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Hope's Hubby said...

Yes, it was a wonderful, but long, show. Mak did wonderful, as always. I am proud of all our kids (although that son of ours can make you pull your hair out most of the time). It is hard to believe that she was as full of energy Saturday night, and now we are playing nurse/maid to her now. But, then again, I wouldn't have it any other way.